Ombre Nail Art Tutorial

Here’s a quick bit of nail art I thought I’d share with you guys! It’s really quick and easy, especially if you’re just starting out with nail art.addtext_com_MTEwNjMwODk5NjQ


Just start off painting your nails whatever base colour you’d like. (I’ve chosen Rimmel London’s #262 “Ring a Ring o’ Roses”)


Then, apply your secondary colour, (I’ve gone for Colour Collection’s #22 “Lilac Daze”) to the corner of a sponge, be sure to be light and apply it thinly, otherwise the ombre effect won’t work.

All that’s left now is to lightly press the sponge onto the tips of your nails, once you’ve got a nice faded effect, you can go back and dab more onto the very tips to darken them.

Then take your nail polish remover and apply it to your cotton pad, and neaten up any smudged edges you have from the sponge outside of your nails. And that’s it! Very quick, but very cute nails!

Let me know in the comments below if you’d like a tutorial on any other type of nail art you’ve seen!

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