Kelly Brook Nail Varnishes

We all know Kelly Brook as being a very beautiful, style icon, and now she has her own range of nail varnishes! Today I’m focussing on her range, and some of the different colours and styles available.


Light pink | This colour is my absolute favourite. As we all know I prefer lighter shades on my nails, and this one is perfect for when I’m bored of white nails. It’s really cute and girly, and not a harsh pink, as some pink shades can be.

Orange | My favourite colour altogether. This colour is perfect for when you have a tan, or if you’d like to look a little bit more tan that you are. The orange just reminds me of summer, and I think it would be the perfect signature for a holiday tan.1

Light blue | This is a slightly different colour to that which I would usually go for, so I thought it would be interesting to give something different a go. It’s a lovely bold colour to compliment other bold colours that you’re wearing.

Matte dark blue | This one is amazing. I’ve never had a matte varnish before, so already I knew it would be new and exciting, and it really delivered. It makes your nails instantly look like they were done by a professional.

Altogether, this brand is also nicely pigmented, so you don’t need to apply 4 of 5 coats in order to get a nice solid colour, and it dries relatively quickly, so you’re not put out of time waiting for your nails to dry.

I really like these nail varnishes, and I think this is a brand I will definitely return to. Let me know what your favourite nail varnish brands are in the comments below!

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