5 Reasons To Start Blogging

This topic is very often openly talked about by many bloggers, but all to often they approach it in an angry, and judging way. This is because some think that there are ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ reasons to start up a blog. Whether you’re getting into it for ‘freebies’ or followers, the reality is; there is no right and wrong when it comes to blogging. Obviously if you intend on starting up a blog purely for freebies, your heart won’t be in it, and writing will feel like a chore, and your blog won’t really showcase your passion. And of course the reality is that no one is ever given freebies in the beginning. You need to build an audience that trusts you, before any companies want you to showcase their products. Though we can’t argue that receiving things from companies isn’t an amazing thing, but you do have to care about what you’re writing, otherwise companies will see that, and not work with you.

So today I am taking you guys through some of the reasons I personally started blogging, and some reasons that might just push someone that is currently holding back from clicking that ‘sign up’ button.


You’ll see everything differently | When you first start out, you’ll start seeing little photo and writing opportunities in everything you do and see. This builds up the excitement that you have when you start out, as everything is an opportunity that you can share.

Try new things | Your newly found ‘blogger-glasses’ will not only lead you to see the blogging opportunities in your everyday life occurrences, but you’ll also be more driven to try new things, be that new experiences or simply new products. All leading you to find what best suits you.

Pride | Once you’ve established your layout, and you’re a few posts in, you’ll have a really rewarding pride of what you’ve already accomplished. You’ll be cheesily telling everyone to check out and share your blog.


Meet new people | Whether attending blogger events, or simply discovering fellow bloggers online and getting to know each other, you can be meeting new people everyday through tags and other blogging platforms such as bloglovin’.

New skills | Depending on how you put your posts together, you will develop and sharpen your skills in many areas. Personally I take my images, so I have learned how to best set up a shot, and I plan ahead exactly how I’d like my images to look, but if you take your images from the internet, you’ll learn the best platforms to collect your images. I’ve also found passions in editing and rediscovered my love for writing.

There are some of the reasons I started blogging, let me know in the comments what pushed you to start up your blog, or what’s keeping you from doing so.

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