To Bucket List, Or Not To Bucket List?

Bucket lists. We’ve all heard of them, and plenty of us have one either written or saved somewhere. But here’s something you don’t usually hear, I don’t have one.

bucket list blog post

The main reason I don’t have an actual written-out list is simply because I’ve never really set aside the time to really decide what things I’d really like to have done before I die.

However I do personally feel that I’m more of a living in the moment type of person, meaning I don’t like to have my life entirely planned out. Now I do also understand that a bucket list isn’t a life plan, but I feel that when it does come around to it, I’d rather nostalgically look back on everything I have done, as opposed to being faced by lost opportunities and things I really wanted to do, but never got around to doing.

We don’t like to entertain the thought, but anything could happen to any one of us at any given time, so I think it’s best to do what you love right now, and if there is something you’d really like to do, do it now, book it now!bucket list blog post

Overall I think it’s a great thing to have aspirations and things you’d like to do the future, even if you can’t achieve them right now, but having a written out list can be intimidating and leave you feeling regret about the things that you didn’t make time to do.

One of the most important things,I think, to internalise, is to not deny yourself of the things that you want to do. Work hard, but don’t overwork yourself, no one has ever gotten to the end of their life and wished that they had worked more. They’ll wish they loved stronger, lived more, and forgave quicker.

We’re all in this together, so make friends, celebrate each other, wish the best for people, and they will do the same for you.

This post sure got philosophical real fast! I hope you guys enjoyed it, let me know if you’ve got a bucket list, and what thing you’ve crossed off so far that you’re the proudest of!

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