Beginners Guide To Makeup Brushes

When you first get started with makeup, you’ll be surrounded by amazing (and expensive) products and brushes. Beauty gurus rarely use affordable or drugstore makeup and makeup brushes, so it can be really difficult to know just what you need to get a grasp of things, before you feel more confident and want to invest in slightly more expensive tools.

I’ve owned the odd makeup brush here and there, but I, like most people who have ever owned more than one eyeshadow palette, have primarily been surrounded by sponge eyeshadow applicators. But as I have become more invested in makeup, I wanted to get a proper set of brushes.1 3

I started looking for nice sets that didn’t include too many brushes, because that can be daunting and confusing. Finally I stumbled upon this makeup brush set. The brushes are all very easy to use, pretty self-explanatory, and they are some of the softest but affordable brushes I’ve ever felt.


The set comes in a cute case, so you don’t need to also buy more makeup storage, these are all always kept safe and together. There are 12 brushes, so the brushes themselves are not overwhelming or confusing, you’ve got all of the basics covered, and you can create almost any look with these brushes alone. The set also includes a travel sized brush, that can be protected when in your makeup bag.4

Obviously the only thing the set doesn’t contain is a beauty blender, but you can pick an affordable one from any drugstore, you don’t have to buy an expensive one.

I hope this post helped those of you who are currently in the midst of shopping for brushes out! These really are an amazing value for money product, and I can’t see myself buying more expensive brushes.

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