Makeup Bag Staples

For those of us that like to wear makeup, we can quickly see that there are certain products we like to keep at hand throughout the day. So today I’m sharing with you guys my favourite makeup bag staples.Fotor0819173550

First things first, obviously a compact is a really handy thing to have in your makeup bag, otherwise carrying any additional products is entirely useless. I like to have a double compact, meaning there is a regular mirror and a magnified side.

The next staple is a moisturiser. If you suffer from dry skin, then it really helps to improve it if you regularly moisturise throughout the day. It also helps your makeup sit better on your skin, and give it a much higher lasting power.

For me, I also like to always have a pair of tweezers on me, if not for any last minute brow checks for yourself, then it’s always handy to lend to a friend if they are in need.

Naturally after tweezers, the next product is whatever you use for filling in your brows. I use a brow pencil, as it’s handy and easily portable.DSCN1993 (2)

A further product that I can’t even imagine leaving the house without is a chapstick. I’ve been obsessed with Babylips since I first picked up one to try out. Lately I picked up this lightly tinted one to add a little bit of colour to the lips, while also moisturising them.

Next I also like to have a natural lip look ready in my makeup bag, so I like to carry a pink lipliner along with a corresponding lipstick. My favourites are Rimmel’s Exagerrate lipliner in ‘Eastend Snob’ and Lancôme’s L’absolu Rouge in #06 ‘Rose Nu’ which I have previously spoken about in my favourites.

Finally, for the eyes I also like to always have a neutral eye look handy in my makeup bag, so I’ll always have a neutral toned eyeshadow palette on me, lately I’ve been loving Makeup Academy’s Heaven & Earth eyeshadow palette, as it covers a lot of neutral and pretty looks.DSCN1992 (2)

I can’t leave out eyeliner, so I’ve always got a felt liner on me, and once again recently I stumbled upon Collection’s Extreme 24 hour eyeliner, and it hasn’t left my side since. I also like to have my mascara on me just in case I need to touch it up during the day.

Obviously there are certain other tools that are always good to have handy, for me it’s an eyelash curler, travel brush, a hair tie and some bobby pins.

That’s it for today! What products can you guys not leave the house without? Let me know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Makeup Bag Staples

  1. Brill staples – I knew that was the MUA Heaven & Earth as soon as I scrolled through my newsfeed lol Such a great palette for the money, catacomb is my favourite base shade… so lovely! Wish they would sell it as a separate as I’m almost out of that one colour *sob* XXX

    Ps: I have the Nivea cream too & love it!! X


    1. That is a gorgeous base shade! Oh no! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for any similar shades in a single eyeshadow for you! (That moisturiser has saved my life ever since I found it!) x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awwh thank you Corinne, it really is a stunning colour – I love it 🙂 Yes, me too!!! Only just realised mine has a pink tinge to it so think it’s the moisture surge one… amazing stuff!! XX


    1. I can’t lie, it really is quite amazing! I think the plastic wand helps you from going to overboard with it, you can gradually build your lashes up nicely, without them starting to look like spiders!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I swear by Maybelline products I have the colossal mascara, and I love it! Im all empty now and Im ready for the sensational now woohoo! 🙂


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