Naked Review

Check this post out with that very click-bait-y title. What kind of treat do I have for you today?

Unfortunately I am going to be reviewing Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette, and giving you some more affordable similar drug store palettes.

So here she is, in all of her glory. The Naked 3 palette. With 12 rose gold infused hues, this palette is by far my favourite one by Urban Decay. Naked 3 Review Obviously this palette is not for everybody. It clearly isn’t the most affordable palette available, but is it one of the most popular and lusted-after. Some of my pros on the palette is that it has incredible lasting power, whether or not you use an eyeshadow base or primer. And that it comes with a double ended brush, unlike most palettes which will just provide you with a sponge applicator, this palette provides everything you need to create an array of looks, with a regular brush and a fluffy brush on the other end for blending.

The tones are obviously very unique, and nicely pigmented in that you can just lightly dust them across the lid, of build them up to a very rich and intense colour. From Strange, to Blackheart, each shade is nicely faded from one to the next, meaning that they are perfect for blending together, and creating any kind of smoky eye you could possible want, from an intense black smoky eye, to a gorgeous light gold smoky eye effect.Naked 3 ReviewA great palette that I’ve found is good at creating similar effects is the Makeup Academy Heaven & Earth palette. Again, all of the colours are complimentary, and you have 12 shades to choose from when creating a blended effect. The shade Amazonian Bronze is very similar to Naked 3’s Buzz, with just a little less shimmer. Golden sand is a similar shade to Naked 3’s Trick, but again with less shimmer. Therefore I’d recommend this palette if you don’t want to spend big bucks on an eyeshadow palette, and you prefer to go for more toned down looks, and less shimmery ones.Naked 3 ReviewNaked 3 Review Another wonderfully affordable and gorgeous palette is Collection’s All About The Eyes Palette. Obviously this palette only contains six shades, but these are six of the basic shades that I fell in love with from the Naked palette, so I couldn’t resist it. You’ve essentially got Strange, a mix between Burnout and Limit, Trick, Factory, Darkside and Blackheart. This palette is equally as shimmer-based as the Naked 3, but obviously the staying power is a little less, because that’s one of the things you pay for in makeup. Naked 3 Review

That’s it for my Naked 3 palette review with 2 affordable drug-store alternatives! Let me know if this post pushed you to grab the Naked 3, or if you’re going to check out one of the more affordable palettes!

6 thoughts on “Naked Review

  1. Great review Corinne!!! I have the NK 3 too ad absolutely LOVE it. The shadows last for ages on me, they’re beautiful! Definitely worth the splurge in my opinion 😉 However I also have the MUA Heaven & Earth – I am really impressed by it! For a fraction of the price they’re a brill everyday shadow, that way I keep the UD for the weekends and special occassions 😉 Karen xo


    1. Thank you so much Karen! I couldn’t agree more, I still feel the excitement using it now as I did when I first bought it! You know I love your taste in palettes! xx

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      1. Haaaa that’s the same as me too Corinne, still as in love when I open the lid and see those glorious little line of colours staring back at me lol Awh, love your taste too – great minds huni eh?! hehe xxx


  2. “Unfortunately” you are making me rethink passing on this, haha. OMG I avoided these reviews when this palette first came out but those colors really are so pretty! I have green eyes too and feel purple/pinks just look so pretty with green. Ugh…….. I want it! LOL. Thank you for sharing 🙂


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