Just A Thought…

DSCN0985I know. This isn’t your typical “Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle” post. I’m sorry if that disappoints you, but there’s something that I just felt like saying today, and that’s that I’m human. That’s right, I am a person, this blog isn’t an automated device, nor is it a big company.

All too often I feel like people can forget that there is a person (sometimes more than one) behind a blog. These things really don’t run themselves, nor are they a breeze to do so. We all dedicate a lot of our time, effort and passion to our blogs. But sometimes someone can be reading, and be hyper-critical, or even unnecessarily harsh towards a blog, forgetting that there is a blogger behind it.

So today I just felt like saying, let’s share the love. We’re all blogging because we love it a lot, and it’s something we enjoy doing, so let’s celebrate one another, and cheer each other on. We don’t need to constantly be comparing ourselves to blogs that we might think are ‘better’, nor do we need to ignore or be harsh towards those we might not love.

The same goes for readers, just because you might not agree with something a blogger has said, or something as trivial as you don’t like their choice of eyeliner, try to see the amount of effort that has gone into that post, and applaud that instead. We create content because we love to do so, and sometimes it can be really soul-crushing to put so much of yourself out there, for people to judge, and then they do so harshly.

I am by no means expecting everyone to falsely get along, or comment on every blog post they see screaming how much they loved it, I just think we should simply cheer each other on.

I can’t believe how many friends I’ve made through creating this little online space for myself, and I can’t believe how supportive and positive they all are. It’s amazing how many lovely bloggers are out there. So much can really come out of just reaching out to another blogger, or commenting on someone’s post.

That’s all for now, I hope you guys enjoyed this slightly different type of post! Let me know if you’d like more personal posts like these. Also, be sure to leave your links below so we can all check out each others blogs and share the love!


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