Travel Essentials

Hey guys! As I’m travelling a lot recently, and I feel like I’ve gotten my ‘Travel Essentials’ down to quite a fine art, I thought I’d share them with you today!1Headphones | Definitely an essential for just about anyone, on any journey/trip. I like to take my overhead headphones with me, because they tend to not hurt my ears like in-ears can over an extended period of time.

Compact Mirror | This particular item really links to my makeup bag in particular, as sometimes it’s easier to touch up your makeup on the go, or somewhere where a larger mirror is not available. I recommend a compact because it’ll leave more room in your bag for more important items.

Perfume | This is more of an essential for me in particular, because I obviously like to take deodorant with me, but I like to have this little extra touch once I’ve gotten ready in the morning.

2Makeup Bag Essentials

Eyelash Curler | Again, this might only be an essential for some people, but I like to have curled my lashes before applying mascara to them, as I find it helps them remain curled all day.

Eyeliner | This is just an everyday makeup essential for me, as I love any look that has winged liner. I couldn’t go anywhere without my trusty Collection Extreme Felt Liner.

Mascara | I think if you’re going for bare essentials when it comes to makeup, mascara is the way to go. This particular mascara is excellent for wearing while you’re travelling too, because it doesn’t fade or transfer throughout the day, even if you have a sneaky nap!

Eyebrow Pencil | I never saw this coming, but if one particular day I wasn’t able to fill in my eyebrows, I now wouldn’t wear any makeup at all, as I find it really completes my look.

Eyeshadow Pencil | I think that this is a really handy little trick if you plan on going out while you’re away. Instead of taking an entire palette, or even a compact trio, with the right brushes too, you’ll save yourself so much space (and the worry of your shadows cracking and crumbling by being bashed around while you’re travelling!) by instead taking a handy little eyeshadow pencil. Just apply this to your lids, and you can blend it with your finger.3Lipbalm | Again, an everyday essential, but I find this is really handy when you’re travelling, and when you’re in a new place, because the change in environment can be harsh on your skin, and cause it to dry out.

Micellar Water | Now that micellar water is also available in handy travel sized bottles, there is absolutely no excuses for shoving a pack of makeup remover wipes in your bag. Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you have to abandon properly looking after your skin.

Charger | Absolute essential, no brainer. Phone, camera tablet, laptop, whatever tech you’re taking, ensure you have the right charger for it before you leave the house.

Purse | Again, no brainer. If you have a larger purse like I do, you can also keep essential travel documents in it, so they are always safe and to hand.4Cotton Wool Pads | These really coincide with the micellar water.

Deodorant | Yet another no brainer, even if you are staying in a 5 star hotel, everyone takes deodorant with them when they’re travelling.

Moisturiser | I think this is an essential in relation to my point earlier, you can never be entirely sure with how you skin is going to react to being in a different environment.

Brush | Similarly, you can never be sure with how your hair is going to behave in a new place. (Humidity problems, anyone?) So I’d recommend taking a smoothing brush with you, so even if you throw your hair up in a messy bun or ponytail, it can still be sleek.

That’s it for my Travel Essentials post, I hope it helps you guys out if you’re going on a road trip any time soon! Let me know in comments if you are off anywhere exciting soon, and what essentials you’ll be taking with you!

12 thoughts on “Travel Essentials

  1. Fab post Corinne – this is so handy, especially leading up to the festive season where many are travelling home or abroad!!! Perfect timing 🙂 Karen xo


      1. Absolutely Corinne you dipped in very gently lol Unfortunately tomorrow I’m jumping in with the festive features head first lol (sigh) xxxxx


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