TK Maxx Homeware Finds

You guys know just how much I love finding gorgeous items when I’m out shopping to add to my (endless) collection of homeware finds, so naturally when I was out recently, I found myself giving in to the beautiful items that I was seeing, so today I’m sharing them with you!TK Maxx Homeware Haul.JPGI really love TK Maxx for cute and quirky pieces to put around the house, (be they entirely useful or not). I also really like that most of their products are unique and as their tagline suggests, “Big Labels, Small Prices”.

Mystic Lamp | Picture the scene. It’s roughly half past 4, I’ve been wandering around town for about 3 hours now, and I’ve already somehow acquired a copious amount of shopping bags. I’ve just decided that I’ve picked up enough things in TK Maxx, and it’s about time I went home. As I approach the tills I something catches the corner of my eye. It knows me, and I know it. We must’ve known each other in a past life. I didn’t even know how I was going to take it home with me, but I couldn’t not buy it. Ok so yeah, onto describing the lamp because that’s why we’re all here; it has a black rope wire, a copper base, and a slightly transparent black sphere to cover the bulb.IMG_1353.JPG

Lavender Candles | Because I run a lifestyle blog and you actually have to sign a contract when you purchase your own domain that ensures you will consistently buy overly large candles. And fairy lights.

Heart Light Decoration | Sometimes TK Max can have a poor supply of cute light fixtures, but on this particular day, I managed to find this white heart with light blue lights that I’ve since hung up in my bedroom, and it only uses one battery!

Silver Wire Fairy Lights | As I’ve previously mentioned, it is written into the blogging contract. I won’t lie, I do still want these fairy lights but on a copper wire, but the silver does match the decor of my bedroom, so I decided to get them anyway. #unstoppable

That’s everything that I picked up in TK Maxx recently, I’m sure I’ll be doing more posts like this in the future because there are so many hidden gems in there so often!

Do you shop in TK Maxx regularly? What has been your favourite purchase from there?

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