Summer Favourites

Hey guys! I know, I know, “disappear for a month and then just come back with a ‘Hey guys!’ and expect us all to not have any questions, really Corinne?” I am sorry for disappearing without warning, but I think I had a moment when I realised that as I was finally happy with the content that I was posting, I got scared to ruin the streak of posts that I actually liked. I finally was happy with every element of my posts, something which I hadn’t felt since I started, over a year and a half ago now. I realised that I didn’t want to ruin this streak of content that I was proud of, for the sake of sticking to a schedule that I implemented a year ago.

But don’t worry, I’ve had my crisis, gotten over it, and I’m back now. I’m not changing my schedule, nor am I changing my writing style. In fact, nothing is changing, I just needed some time away.

Now I realised that I didn’t want to come back with a post that was entirely focused on me not blogging, so this post does have a purpose, and it’s to share my Summer Favourites with you all!IMG_8103Ted Baker Body Mist | During the Summer months, I can often find that perfumes are too strong and disappear quickly in the heat, so instead of overdoing it on the perfume, I think it’s much easier to throw a body mist into your bag, and reapply throughout the day when you want to. I also really love this scent because as I talked about in my ‘Perfume Picks‘, it’s main notes are grapefruit and mango. These, teamed with subtle floral notes of neroli and jasmine make it a gorgeously girly and Summery scent.

MAC Lipliner in ‘Edge To Edge’ | I can also find that wearing lipsticks, during the Summer, can just be impractical, so instead I’ve been opting for the lipliner/chapstick combo. I love this colour because it looks incredibly natural, but still adds a hint of a nude/pink colour to the lips.

Soap & Glory Supercat Felt Tip Liner | Recently I decided to broaden my eyeliner horizon (I know, I was scared too but it’s alright) and try a new felt liner. I had heard lots of good things about this Soap & Glory one, so I decided to try it for myself, and I love it! It stays put all day, is an absolute black, and it’s super easy to apply.

Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Liner | As I was trying new eyeliners out this Summer, I also decided to alter the eye look that I usually wear. So instead of simply creating a cat eye with my trusty Collection 24 Hour Felt Liner, I’ve been creating a line and wing with the Soap & Glory liner, and then at the very tip of the wing, dragging it out with this liquid liner. It gives a much more defined and precise line, the type that beauty bloggers describe as “capable of cutting a bitch”.

Maybelline Colour Show in ‘Dusty Rose’ | I’ve spoken about this nail varnish in my Spring Favourites, but it’s back again for my Summer Favourites! I know that I’m going to love this nail varnish all year-round, because it’s a perfect mix of a nude/pink.IMG_8101Benefit Porefessional Primer | As I’ve mentioned for most of the products before, one of the most important factors for a product during the Summer months, is lasting power. So naturally, Benefit’s Porefessional has to be one of my favourites, because it keeps any makeup you apply ontop of it, put all day.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder | Naturally following on from a good primer, you want to set all of your makeup with a good powder. Particularly in the places that can tend to get greasy throughout the day.

Lush ‘A French Kiss’ Bubble Bar | Baths aren’t for everyone during the Summer, but I have found that an uplifting and refreshing bubble bar like this one means you can still have the relaxation of a bath during the Summer months, but avoid the typical cosy and warm scents that follow Winter baths.

Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Setting Spray | Again relating to keeping your makeup put throughout the day, I’ve been loving using this setting spray, because it’s incredibly affordable, and extends the lasting power of your makeup from day to night!

Collection Colour Lash Clear Mascara | My final favourite is this mascara because I’ve tried brow gels, and found that they create a thick layer ontop of my brows,  I’ve tried colour brow mascaras, and find that during the hotter months, the colour can transfer, fade and shift. So with this clear mascara, I can fill in my brows with a pencil, and then set them in place with no additional tinted products.

That’s it for my Summer Favourites, thank you so much for reading! Be sure to let me know some of your go-to products for Summer in the comments below!

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