Subject Matter In Lifestyle Photography

For lifestyle bloggers and readers alike, it’s clear that there are recurring themes throughout lifestyle blogging photography. This post is dedicated to exploring these themes, and why they are popular to lifestyle bloggers.

Clean Eating


Clean eating is a massive trend, most people are familiar with the avocado, since it exploded in popularity on Instagram and everyone, and their sister, seemed to be boasting about their ‘smashed avocado’ on multi-grain bread. Clean eating is a widespread topic among the online lifestyle community, as it promotes a healthy diet, which can improve skincare, metabolism, and overall well-being. Avocados in particular are prevalent as the oils provided by an avocado include oleic acid and linoleic acid and are therefore recommended as part of a balanced diet to prevent high cholesterol.


Skincare can also be seen in almost every lifestyle bloggers portfolio, as it links to the importance of health and well-being among the lifestyle community. It’s also incredibly diverse, as discussing skincare can range from recommending particular beauty products, to endorsing altering diet to improve the look of the skin.



Beauty is an obvious choice for lifestyle bloggers to document, as routinely, beauty products are designed so even the packaging looks aesthetically pleasing, therefore encouraging people to purchase it without knowing the quality of the product itself.

“Lazy Days”


Another common theme among lifestyle photography are incredibly simple images, that showcase a bed, or stereotypical “comfy” setting. Images like these feed into the nature of lifestyle photography, as they showcase a more natural setup, and provides a glimpse into a simpler, more relaxed and personal aspect of the photographers life.

High End/Designer


High end and designer brands are admired in the lifestyle community, as they have connotations to luxury and class. Designer brands also frequently display elements of black, white, gold and rose gold, which all have associations with simplicity, indulgence, and grandeur in the eyes of the viewer. These associations result in the viewer admiring and desiring the products featured. Colour theory in relation to commercial photography and marketing, details black as the colour commonly used to market luxury products, as it is powerful and sleek.