Editing Lifestyle Photography

All editing is carried out in Adobe Lightroom, as this is a popular editing software for professional photographers, and the aim of my photography for this portfolio was to produce professional-quality photography.

BEFOREAFTERRemoving imperfections

In the above image, there was a distracting element to the area where the background did not match in the top right corner, therefore, using the ‘spot heal’ tool in Adobe Lightroom, I selected the area I wanted to change, and selected another area that I wished to ‘clone’ on top of the undesired area, to make the marble background appear streamline throughout the image.

BEFOREAFTER2Cropping & Straightening

In this particular image, it had too much white space, and the angle made the glass and plate appear to be falling off of the photograph. To balance the image, I’ve adjusted the angle so the glass is straight, meaning the image looks straighter and more balanced. Some of the white space is also removed, meaning the cropped image fills the frame better, and looks more interesting to the viewer as a whole.

BEFOREAFTER3Removing Unwanted Tones

In the above initial image, it appears to have an overall blue tone, meaning the image is too cold. To counteract this, I’ve increased the warmth of the image, and removed all of the saturation of particularly the blues in the image. This results in the blue hue disappearing, leaving the image looking natural and presenting the crisp whites I aimed for.


From time to time, as I primarily rely on natural lighting in my photography, it can fade and result in the images appearing darker than I want. As a result of this, I increase the exposure and highlights of the image, to sharpen up the whites, and make the image more vibrant and immediately eye-catching, drawing the reader in.


For this image, I wanted the lipstick to stand out. While I have already ensured that the lipstick is the main focal point, meaning the rest of the image is slightly blurred and appears uninteresting, I wanted to emphasise the lipstick even more. To achieve this, I have increased the saturation of the red in the image, resulting in the pinks of the lipstick looking more vibrant, and bold, thus directing the viewers attention directly to the lipstick.