A Whole Year Of Blogging!

Today is officially one whole year since my very first post!

My only regret is that the banner does not fill the frame.

I didn’t know what type of post I should do for today, especially as it is a little bonus Saturday post, so instead of rambling on about how happy I am that I stuck with this for a whole year, or about how ridiculously grateful I am to have you guys reading, I figured I would share some blog recommendations!

Obviously I want to shoutout The Girl Gang, as without this awesome community I wouldn’t have met so many awesome supportive people.

So naturally, following on from The Girl Gang I want to give a heck-tonne of blog love to it’s creator, Jemma from Dorkface! She works insanely hard, and is bright and positive the entire time!

Then there’s Charlie from Charlie CP, who runs an absolutely gorgeous blog, and shares my love of all things lilac/lavender and silver. Her pictures are always so gorgeous, and she keeps it super real!

Olivia from Olivia Cheryl is my inspiration for never letting the need to have a ‘niche’ get to you, because if there’s something she wants to write about, she just does it! I also love her openness and honesty.

Here’s Soy enjoying the festivities

Fii from Little Miss Fii is my ultimate go-to for when it comes to Korean beauty, and all-around gorgeous lifestyle and funny posts. I love her style and attitude, she’s an absolute doll.

Holly from The Kitty Luxe has some of the most gorgeous makeup and outfit-inspiration posts that I have ever seen. (Plus her hair is just so pretty, like how does she do that?!)

Rebecca from WavesOfThoughts is single-handedly one of the most positive and supportive bloggers out there, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her more, she’s just so lovely!

And Corinne from SkinnedCarTree, if you are in need of blogging help, or a super-real-no-holds-barred review, then Corinne is your girl. Her posts are so informative and helpful that she herself is my ultimate guide to this blogging thing. (And yes, we can bond about all of the pros and cons of having our name)

These guys are all so amazing, I would recommend checking out and following their blogs right away! (After all, they did all pay me to say that… jk!)

So here is it is, we all knew it was inevitable, thank you guys so freakin’ much for reading my blog, whether you’ve been here for almost a year now, or if this is the first post you’ve read, I am so grateful that you’re here.


How To Proof Read Your Own Work

As I know that most of you guys reading are fellow bloggers, today I thought I’d write another post with writing/blogging in mind!

backgrounder (6)
Jack Bun-Bun is here to give you all of his editing advice

We’ve all found ourselves looking back on a post, (usually just after having pressed ‘publish’…) just to be confronted with annoying typos and missing/extra words that we swear weren’t there after our final scan through the post. Or even worse, having someone point out a really obvious mistake that you hadn’t noticed at all. It’s much easier to proof read someone else’s work than it is to check through your own, so today I’m sharing some tips that I’ve found and collected for how to proof read your own work!

Dissociate | The most important thing to do in order to be objective when re-reading and critiquing your own writing is to separate yourself from the fact that you know how the piece is supposed to read; which means we tend to not pick up on the little details. A quick way to go about this is by reading the piece backwards. It really can be as easy as starting with the last sentence and reading backwards, as that way our brains pick up on anything that doesn’t make complete sense.

Bring Your Words To Life | Again, doing something different with your work, that can be as simple and obvious as reading your work out loud, or printing it out, instead of just writing and rewriting, means that our mistakes are much more obvious.

Plan | I really should take my own advice on this one, but sometimes proof reading your own work can be a lot easier if you’re not proof reading on the same day. So planning and drafting posts ahead of time gives you a lot more opportunities to redraft and find errors.

Avoid Scanning | When we are faced with a mass of text, we very often tend to scan the piece as a whole, instead of actually taking the time to read the sentences as we would if someone else wrote them.

Those are the best tips I’ve found, let me know in the comments if you can think of any tips that work for you that I might have missed. I hope that these tips can help some of you out! I am by no means a professional; in fact, I have some very lovely editor/proof reader pals who usually find my errors and let me know about them, but hopefully these tips can help us all out!

Here We Go Again

Hey guys, I’m back!

I decided to take just over a week off blogging, because I was over-thinking a lot of things, and through all of those internal conflicts, I’d forgotten why I was writing.

Obviously the main motivation behind this blog is my crazy passion for everything that it’s compiled of, writing, photography, trying new things, and telling other people about things that I love. But with pressure I kept putting on myself, I needed to know that no one’s world was going to stop turning if I stopped posting for a little bit.

Over time I’d gotten into a rut. So many of my posts started to feel ‘the same’; not as what everyone else was doing, but ‘the same’ things that I’d always written about. I want each of my posts to be something new, and not just another post about how much I love Collection’s Extreme Felt-liner.Back From That Blogging Break I Took (1)Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to partake in Favourites, and to be honest, just about any ‘tag’ or trending topic that I want to write about. Because if there is something I want to write about, I’m going to write about it.

But I can’t ignore the fact that this blog is also for you guys, because if it was just for me I may as well write a personal journal and not stress myself out about taking pictures from every angle, editing and getting a post up on time.

That’s just it too, I actually enjoy the pressure that comes along with a blog, it gives you a purpose to improve and nurture your passions.

Back From That Blogging Break I Took (2)Isn’t it hilarious that this post is actually kind of rambly and doesn’t really have an obvious direction?

Ok the actual point of this post was to give you guys something of a new introduction to me and my blog.

So hey guys, I’m Corinne, I’m 20 and this is my lifestyle blog.

So hey again to everyone that has been here for a while, and hello to anyone who has just found my blog! I hope you stick around, feel free to give it a lil’ follow, you can also follow me on Twitter, stay up to date on Facebook, and check out my Instagram. I really want you guys to get to know me, the gal behind this blog.

I also always want to know what type of things you guys would like to read about, so just drop me a comment if you’d like to request something, or if you’d like to collab send me an email at corinnebygrave@gmail.com

What Next?

Fotor0104175542Hey guys! As we’re all getting back into the swing of things with the new year now, I thought I’d take a bit of time to reflect.

I know, one of those posts.

But no, this isn’t going to be about me making some kind of major life change, or setting any ‘goals’ or ‘resolutions’, there’s enough of that floating around at the moment for me to jump onto that bandwagon.

Instead, today’s post is about this, where you are right now, my online creative space. As I explain on my About Page, this blog is a tiny corner of the Internet, where I choose to share and create content that I enjoy and love.

I’ve had this blog for almost a year now (it’s birthday is the 30th of January if you’d like to wish it a happy birthday!) I have been posting here with my schedule of three times every week for 6 months, and then every day for 25 days for the month of December. I can’t believe it’s been that long, but I’m really glad that this blog has developed into what it is today.

But I don’t want it to stop or plateau here, I want this space to continue to grow, and evolve with me. But right now I want to ensure that this blog is truly reflecting what I want, and that I’m creating exactly what I want and envision.

That’s right, we’re talking schedules and content. I know so many people that create content online tend to use the new year as a time to reflect on their schedules, and what they are actually creating, and I’m no different.

I know that I want to create a light and friendly online space, with content that really draws people in, making them want to comment and continually come back.

So you’ve guessed it, in order to really make sure I’m putting out what I want, I’m taking a short break.

It really isn’t going to be long, in fact I plan on being in full swing with (or without) a new schedule and improved content in plenty of time before my blog’s birthday. Essentially I plan on using this time to properly evaluate my content and schedule, because I want to be posting at the best times for me, and for you.

I do want to thank you all again, I know I always thank you, but it’s the the least I can do for you guys for being here and engaging with what I’m creating.


IMG_0352Hey guys! Lately I’ve been absolutely loving discovering new blogs, and sharing my love of fellow bloggers, even if it’s just through a really quick #FF! So today, I thought I’d dedicate this entire post to you guys. My readers, and fellow bloggers.

Since my giveaway has officially closed, I still wanted there to be a fun ongoing event on my blog, so today I’m officially kicking off a shoutout week! For the next 7 days, I will be giving a daily shoutout to a fellow online creator/blogger, on my Facebook page, Twitter and blog posts.

If you’d like a shoutout, all you have to do is drop me a little comment below with a link to your blog, or ‘like’ this post and each day for the next week, I’ll pick someone for the day!

Thank you guys so much for reading, I know I get ridiculously soppy and weird about it, but I really do appreciate it, you guys make this whole thing even more awesome than I ever thought it would be.


I hope you guys liked this random post, don’t forget to stay tuned for Blogmas, which officially kicks off here on Tuesday December 1st!

How To Optimise Your Blog Photos

I think it’s pretty safe to assume that we all start out in the blogging world, because we’re passionate about it. We love to create, and we love it even more when other people love what we have created.

But it can be a little disheartening if you are avidly creating and developing ideas, if your content is never seen. Therefore we all quickly start to learn little tips and tricks for correctly tagging and sharing our posts, in order to get them in front of the right people. So today, I thought I’d share with you guys, my tips for how to optimise your blog images, so that you are using every available tool for showcasing your blog/online space in the best possible way.How To Optimise Your Blog Photos

Starting out with optimising your images can be as simple as correctly naming your file. For example, the image above is related to this post, “How To Optimise Your Blog Photos”, therefore that’s what I named this file after I transferred it onto my computer, and before uploading it to this post. I know this sounds really useless and obvious, but think of just how many images you take directly from your camera and upload to your blog, without thinking about it. It’s as simple as this, I want people to find this post when looking for tips on how to improve optimisation on their blog photos, therefore that’s what I named the image, so when it’s searched for, this post will appear.

No one ever searches for “IMG_567” or “FPEBDWR”. Your file names must be relevant and useful.

Secondly, there is also ‘Alternative Text’. Alternative text is separate from the file name, and it essentially identifies what the picture is. It’s the text that shows up on screen when a picture doesn’t load properly. This essentially tells whoever is searching for a specific keyword, what is in the image. So if you take a picture of a Lush Bubble Bar, you’ll want to add Lush and Bubble Bar to the alternative text tags.

And lastly, keep file sizes small. People don’t like to be waiting 3 minutes for an image to load. Most will wait roughly 15 seconds before getting tired of waiting and moving on, and that’s not what you want. You want people to love your content and want to return regularly, not click on a link once and never return because your image loaded bar by bar.

That’s it! I hope this post helped some of my fellow blogging buddies out, be sure to let me know if it did! Also, if you’re a seasoned professional in the world of blogging, please do leave any tips you’ve acquired on this (or any similar topic) in the comments, as I’m sure we’d all love to share as much advice as possible.