Urban Decay’s Alice Through The Looking Glass Event

Recently myself and a friend were invited to attend Urban Decay’s Alice Through The Looking Glass tea party, and makeup master class, so I thought I’d bring you guys along, and let you know how it went!

When we arrived, we saw that the usual Urban Decay counter was decorated aptly, in a tea party, Alice in Wonderland theme. There was fake moss, cake stands (with cakes of course, Urban Decay knows the ways to our hearts!) along with their limited edition makeup items displayed in cute tea cups and tree stumps. IMG_2334There was also a makeup tutorial that featured most of the products. The makeup artist talked us through a half ‘natural’ daytime look, and half ‘edgy’ night-time look.

The daytime look featured the ‘Alice‘ shades from the limited edition palette, with their new ‘Beached‘ bronzer, and the lipstick in the shade ‘Alice‘ from the limited edition lipsticks in tribute to the film.

The night-time look featured a mix of some of the ‘Iracebeth‘ and ‘Time‘ shades, to create a really deep and smoky eye, along with the lipstick in the shade ‘Time‘ on the lips.IMG_2324I personally really loved the formula of the lipsticks, like most Urban Decay lipsticks, they are creamy and feel lovely on the lips, and I was actually really tempted by the colour ‘Mirana‘, but I stopped myself from buying it because I realised that the reason I loved it so much was that it reminded me of MAC’s Ariana Grande Viva Glam lipstick, (it’s matte too!), which I already own.

The other lipsticks really are quite unique and pretty, ‘Alice‘ is a beautifully shimmery pale nude, ‘Mad Hatter‘ is a heavenly pigmented shimmery purple, ‘Time‘ is an unusual and metallic-looking blue, and ‘Iracebeth‘ is a pinky-red matte fused shade.

Unfortunately all of the lipsticks are now sold out, and I don’t know if they are going to be restocked or if that’s it because they are limited edition, but you can keep an eye on them on Urban Decay’s site.IMG_2328I knew as soon as I was invited to this event that I wanted the eyeshadow palette. There was no doubt in my mind that even before I had seen it in the flesh, that I wanted it. When we first got to see it though, I was sold, purely by the shades ‘Gone Mad’, ‘Paradox’ and ‘Dream On’. I’ve really been loving orange eyeshadow shades lately, as they really compliment my eyes and skin tone, and the rest of the palette is just so unique, and insanely pigmented.

I won’t go too into detail on the palette because I do have a separate post going up after this one, so be sure to look out for that one!

That’s it for Urban Decay’s Alice Through The Looking Glass Event, I really enjoyed the event, and was so happy to be invited. I loved the makeup tips that we were taught, and I can’t wait to attend more makeup and blogger events.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know if you’ve got any of the lipsticks, or if like me, you couldn’t wait to get the palette!

Earth Day 2016

Hey guys! Today is Earth Day, so I thought it’d be a perfect time to talk to you about what it’s all about, and what you can do to help!

The inspiration behind holding an annual ‘Earth Day’ is for the movement to provide a voice to an emerging consciousness, channelling human energy toward environmental issues. To inspire us to take control, and be more aware of the repercussions of our action, and think about the well-being of our planet. This year is the 46th Earth Day, and in the run up to the 50th, the people behind Earth Day have put forward a series of ‘bold initiatives’ which they aim for us to complete in time for this momentous anniversary.

These initiatives aim to “encourage people to take action in their local communities and cities to carry our message and movement forward. The first of these four initiatives is also the theme for Earth Day 2016 — Trees for the Earth. Help us reach our goal of planting 7.8 billion trees by 2020. Let’s start with 4-5 trees in your backyard or place of business and build from there.” This particular bold initiative really reflects how the power is in our own hands – individually we can each perform one act, that can really make an impact and a difference.

So today I hope you guys had some time to reflect on just how fortunate we are, to have a planet that so perfectly sustains us. But also, realise that we have an element of responsibility when it comes to our planet. Every single day, billions of us are doing things that are incredibly harmful to our environment, and if we don’t do something about it today, we’re not guaranteeing a safe environment for future generations.

We are all highly aware of the fact that we are polluting our air by releasing both direct and non-direct greenhouse gases, and therefore damaging the ozone layer of our planet. We have done a lot to combat and reduce the majority of that, but statistics show that urban background pollution has actually been increasing, and is currently at its highest point since records began.

The onus is on us, to make change now.

It might sometimes seem like all of this talk is repetitive, and unnecessary, but the fact is that unless we look after our planet, it’s not going to be able to sustain us. We’ve already seen changes and mutations in animals and plants as a result of our carelessness when it comes to taking care of our surroundings, but we don’t tend to make major changes unless it directly affects us, be it through our lifestyles, or our food.

It’s clichéd to say, but we need to make alterations now, while we can.

Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope it inspired at least one of you guys to be proactive and make a change in your life. If we all did that, we’d make an incredible difference.