25 Facts About Me


Today I decided to go for a slightly more personal post so you guys could get to know me! So here are 25 random facts about me, enjoy!


  1. I’m 5.4
  2. Derren Brown is my role model, I respect and agree with all of his principles
  3. ^and I attended his stage show Infamous 3 times!
  4. As of right now I have 25 pets (but our hearts are never closed to more)
  5. My favourite colour is orange
  6. My favourite food is torn between chicken nuggets and roasties
  7. A dress is my go-to outfit
  8. When I was younger I used to take horse riding lessons
  9. My middle name is Susannah
  10. My favourite drink is Fanta’s Fruit Twist
  11. My earliest memory is my mum dropping me off at school and me subsequently following her back out because the separation was too much for my tiny soul
  12. If I had £1 for everytime someone mistook my accent as American or Canadian I’d never have to work a day in my life
  13. I have one sibling, a brother younger than me by 4 years


  14. I’m left-handed
  15. One of my favourite albums of all time is Invincible by Michael Jackson
  16. I can teach the moonwalk but cannot perform it myself
  17. My hair has been every natural colour there is, and some not-so-natural
  18. I once broke a toe by running downstairs too fast
  19. My first ever phone was a Motorola flip up one #noughties
  20. My favourite flowers are sunflowers
  21. My go-to scent for a candle is Fresh Linen
  22. My all time favourite TV show is Family Guy
  23. My favourite season is Autumn
  24. My favourite subjects at school were RS and Psychology
  25. I can play Fur Elise on the piano

That’s all for now but I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know me a little better! What are some facts about you? Tell me in the comments below!