Around The World In Barely A Minute Tag

Hey guys! I was tagged by the ever so lovely Egypt from AGirlNamedEgypt to do the ‘Around The World In Barely A Minute’ Tag, where you share where all of your readers are from!

I thought like this sounded like fun, but I wanted to add my own little twist on it, so I’ve added 20 travel-related questions to make this tag a little bit more fun.

So here’s my map, showcasing all of the places that my blog has readership. I’m quite proud, because this year I’ve already got new readers in countries that I hadn’t reached last year, like India and Brazil! (Shoutout to the readers from there!)

All places places coloured in are places my blog has readership! (Red is a higher readership, and yellow is smaller)

1. Where are you from in the world?

I’m from the UK

2. Do you prefer summer or winter? Why?

I prefer summer for sunbathing and not having to wear a coat, and winter for snow and having to wear a coat.

3. Summer or winter fashion?

The only seasonal change to my wardrobe is tights, scarf and a coat, so I have no preference.

4. Where is somewhere you would love to travel to?


5. Name your essential makeup items for the beach

Sunscreen, it’s the only essential, people.

6. Are you currently saving up for a trip?

I actually have some plans for a few trips in the background at the minute, it’s quite exciting.

7. Do you like/dislike travelling?

I tend to quite enjoy travelling, but I definitely like being at my destination more.

8. Name a place in the world you would love to shop.

Some kind of superstore that sells clothes, rilakkuma and makeup.

9. Who is your favourite beauty guru and where do they live?

I don’t really have a favourite, I tend to rely on my fellow blogging buddies for beauty advice, and they are based all over the world!

10. What accent in the world is your favourite to hear?

I don’t really have a general ‘favourite’ accent, but I do like Welsh and Irish accents.

11. Favourite city or country?

I have so many different favourites for different reasons, London for big city vibes, Santorini for relaxing, Tokyo for shopping, Paris for culture.

12. Travel accessory you always pack?

Phone charger

13. Preferred method of travel: planes, trains or automobiles?

Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987)

14. Top 3 Travel items?

My phone, a book and my tablet

15. Hostel or hotel?

Depends on who I’m travelling with, I’m chill with either

16. Are you a repeat visitor or do you explore new places?

I think I’m more likely to fall in love with a select few places, but occasionally discover new places.

17. Do you read up on your destination for culture, history or safety or do you wing it?

I usually just wing it

18. You’re leaving tomorrow, money is no option, where are you going?

Tokyo, no question

19. Beach holiday or travel/explore holiday?

I’m definitely more up for travelling/exploring holidays, I can visit a beach every summer but I can’t soak up the culture of another city every year.

20. To travel is to…

“Make a journey, typically of some length.”

That’s it for my own take on the ‘Around The World In Barely A Minute Tag’, I hope you guys enjoyed it!

Let me know in the comments your favourite/dream holiday destination!