BLOGMAS Day 4 // Bedroom Christmas Decor

Hey guys! As slowly but surely, everyone is warming to the idea of decorating for Christmas, I thought I’d share with you how I’ve decorated some of my spaces, starting with my room!

So here’s a sneaky little overview. I’ve obviously gotten some season-appropriate bedsheets, covered in a ski-themed pattern, and a mini Christmas tree. (and my advent calendars covering my desk!)IMG_0030I actually added my scarf to look like a blanket here, because I think the pattern of it is very suitable for Christmas and winter, and it matches my bedding.

(And I may have bought an antler headband that I can’t wait to show off until Christmas day, so it’s currently being shown off by teddy here.)IMG_0053IMG_0041On my bedside table I have a winter wolf/fox that is wearing a little winter hat, a tiny deer that has the most fabulous gold sparkly feet, my colour changing light up heart, and a winter-wonderland candle.IMG_0033A stocking is an absolute must-have for this time of year, otherwise where is Santa going to leave your presents?! I’ve got this cute one that has an additional pocket for this little snowman, who guides Santa in regards to present-leaving.IMG_0055snowflakes gif.gifAnd finally, fairy lights anywhere that fairy lights can fit. I absolutely love them all year around, but this season is at the very heart of fairy-light-appreciation/acceptance, so I like to have them everywhere.

That’s it for how I’ve decorated my room for the festive season, have you decorated your room yet? Or have you still yet to buy your tree? Let me know in the comments what your favourite Christmas-themed decoration is.


Interior Snippets

Lately I’ve been very aware of how much I’ve grown to love interior design, and have been spending more and more time in the home ware section of any shop. I think the places that you can get inspiration from for your home are endless, so today I thought I would take share some of the little details of my room.

This is a little charm that my friend gave me for my birthday, I chose to hang it on the tie back of my curtain. Here it stands out and makes the tiebacks more interesting and personal. It fits in with my modern room with vintage flare really well.


This is my bedside table, I keep it very simple and uncluttered, just some tea tree oil – amazing for healing and getting rid of spots! Some chap-stick, a tiny photo frame (for tiny people) with matching tiny cat ornament, a hand sanitiser and this crystal jewellery box, where I keep my most worn jewellery. And of course candles because of dat #bloggerlife.


Here’s a little close up of the inside of my jewellery box, most of my jewellery is very pink, silver and pearl based.IMAG2726

And finally my easel, since I mostly sketch small pieces, I don’t usually use this for painting or many arty things, so instead I use it to display this frame that my friends gave me for my 17th birthday, featuring all of them (along with an MJ print that my mum got me for Christmas). This is such a prized possession of mine, and I think it’s a really thoughtful, personal gift, and the wooden frame perfectly matches the wood of the easel so it ties in perfectly without looking out of place, or like it’s only there until I find a better position.

Those are just some of the little details of my room, was your room inspired by something in particular, or do you just mix and match everything? Let me know in the comments below!