Welcome To Organic By Nerve

Hi! My name’s Corinne, and welcome to my lifestyle blog, Organic By Nerve!

I never really introduced myself, or this blog, or even the style of posts I’d be writing, I just kind of created this blog in January 2015 with a favourites. But the point of today’s post is just that. I made this blog on a whim at the beginning of the year and I have loved running it ever since.


I don’t really have any limits on this blog, it is a lifestyle blog, so I post just about everything, from style inspiration posts, to product reviews and just my general thoughts. I’m not your average white background-product-only, entirely impersonal blog. I want you guys to really know who I am, my thoughts and personality.

To anyone that’s thinking about maybe starting their own blog, or in fact, doing something that they think will make them happy, or sounds a bit exciting; do it. Stop holding yourself back based on what might happen, if no one listens, if you’re worried about failing, just do it.

Particularly when it comes to starting your own online space, I always think a good mentality to have is, just write a post. Just write your first post, it’ll give you a kick start. You can always go back and delete it later if you don’t think it’s right for your blog. People might think they can see your first post in the future once you’ve really carved out what you want you blog to be, but the truth is so few blogs actually have their first original post online or public any more.

So what I’m essentially saying today is bite the bullet. If you want to give something a try, do it, and do it today. I did in January, and I’m so glad I did.

Welcome to Organic By Nerve.

Shoutout to Tyler (@AvokeStudios) for helping me with this post.

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