BLOGMAS Day 14 // DIY Festive Tree Decoration

it’s the 14th of December, what? I can’t believe how fast this countdown to Christmas is going, and that in 10 days it’ll be Christmas eve!

So for my final Christmas decor-themed post, I thought I’d show you guys a really quick and super easy DIY that I found online, that you can display in any room of your choice! IMG_0019This DIY is so quick and simple, that anybody could give it a go and it’ll look cool. All you need is some paper/card, decorative wire, and a branch!

Simply start out by cutting different sized stars out of your paper/card, and poke the wire through one of the points of the stars. I used Christmas decor wire, which had these tiny silver stars attached, so that each individual star had its own smaller silver star keeping it on the branch.

Then all you have to do is wrap the wire around a place on the branch, so that your stars hangs nicely.IMG_0023And that is all you have to do! I’ve obviously got my fairy lights on this side of the room, so the branch looks even more festive placed just in front of them. I really enjoyed making this, as it’s so simple but it looks really cute in your room!


Let me know if you’re going to give this DIY a go, or if you’ve taken inspiration from any other Christmas-themed DIYs, I’d love to see what you’ve made for the festive season!

BLOGMAS Day 11 // The Ultimate Guide To Christmas Decor

That’s right, I’m tackling this today. It’s the 11th of December and it is no longer ‘too soon’ to have your Christmas decorations up, so today I’m taking you through my own little Winter Wonderland, and sharing my favourite decorations.Ultimate Guide To Christmas Decor (1)The Tree | If nothing else, this is the biggest Christmas staple there is. This year I’ve gone for a rose gold and silver theme on my tree, topped with snow spray on the tips of the branches, and focussed around the lower half of the tree. This tree is actually artificial, and we bought it from Tesco a few years ago, but it’s lasting really well, and even has built in fairy lights, so all I have to do is plug it in, add some baubles and it’s done!

Countdown | We’ve also got this adorable little chalkboard that helps us count down the “days ’til Christmas”. Something like this really helps get everyone into the Christmas spirit, but also helps as a handy little guide for how long you’ve got left to get everything ready!Ultimate Guide To Christmas Decor (2)Fibre Optic Tree | We’ve also got a smaller fibre optic tree. I find that these trees are perfect if you don’t want to go overboard with decorating, but you’d still like an element of Christmas decor in your room. All you’ve got to do is plug it in, and you’re done!Ultimate Guide To Christmas Decor (3)Christmas Ribbon | As I saw these ribbons were on offer, I thought they were the perfect little detail to add to a room. I’ve got this pattern stretching across one side of the room, and another ribbon that says Merry Christmas on the other side of the room. Ultimate Guide To Christmas Decor (4)Paper Chains | I bought these cutesy Christmas paper chains from Paperchase. I thought they were just too cute to say no to, and they’re perfectly in keeping with the Merry Christmas ribbon.Ultimate Guide To Christmas Decor (5)Merry Christmas Sign | Again, this type of decoration is sometimes all you need to transform your space for the festive season. I love this sign because it’s sparkly and quite big, so you don’t need to over-decorate to compensate for it being small. (As if there’s such a thing as over-decorating when it comes to Christmas!) Ultimate Guide To Christmas Decor (6)Winter Wonderland | I think this decoration is one of my favourites, because it’s fibre optic, so similarly to the tree, all you need to do is plug it in, and you’re set! Plus the polar bear and snowmen are too cute to not feature.Ultimate Guide To Christmas Decor (7)Stockings | Of course, no Christmas area is complete without stockings. After all, Santa has to know where to leave you little gifts doesn’t he? You’re not going to make things difficult for Santa, are you? I don’t think so.Ultimate Guide To Christmas Decor (8)

And there you have it, my Ultimate Guide To Christmas Decor! Let me know in the comments how you decorate your space for the festive season!

BLOGMAS Day 4 // Bedroom Christmas Decor

Hey guys! As slowly but surely, everyone is warming to the idea of decorating for Christmas, I thought I’d share with you how I’ve decorated some of my spaces, starting with my room!

So here’s a sneaky little overview. I’ve obviously gotten some season-appropriate bedsheets, covered in a ski-themed pattern, and a mini Christmas tree. (and my advent calendars covering my desk!)IMG_0030I actually added my scarf to look like a blanket here, because I think the pattern of it is very suitable for Christmas and winter, and it matches my bedding.

(And I may have bought an antler headband that I can’t wait to show off until Christmas day, so it’s currently being shown off by teddy here.)IMG_0053IMG_0041On my bedside table I have a winter wolf/fox that is wearing a little winter hat, a tiny deer that has the most fabulous gold sparkly feet, my colour changing light up heart, and a winter-wonderland candle.IMG_0033A stocking is an absolute must-have for this time of year, otherwise where is Santa going to leave your presents?! I’ve got this cute one that has an additional pocket for this little snowman, who guides Santa in regards to present-leaving.IMG_0055snowflakes gif.gifAnd finally, fairy lights anywhere that fairy lights can fit. I absolutely love them all year around, but this season is at the very heart of fairy-light-appreciation/acceptance, so I like to have them everywhere.

That’s it for how I’ve decorated my room for the festive season, have you decorated your room yet? Or have you still yet to buy your tree? Let me know in the comments what your favourite Christmas-themed decoration is.