BLOGMAS Day 15 // Christmas ‘Pet-Style’

When you’ve got pets, a whole new world of Christmas is opened for you. From the cutest festive treats, to adorable Christmas themed jumpers, a pets Christmas is just as lovely, and a lot more adorable than all other Christmases.

So this year I’m showing you guys how my little guys celebrate Christmas!Christmas - pet style (1)Starting out with their treats, this year I got them a cat-friendly advent calendar, that fortunately splits into four pieces, so every day each one is guaranteed a treat. I also picked out a Christmas tree toy (that’s filled with catnip!) and adorable Christmas stocking that contains toys, biscuits and even cat grass!Christmas - pet style (2)As you can see, each of the cats has their own tiny stocking, which I put another treat in, for them to have on Christmas day.IMG_0641Milo is the chosen one for the Christmas style this year, as you can see him sporting an adorable festive jumper! Sawyer finds it quite enough that he wears a red collar, that we are occasionally allowed to stuff tinsel in.

And that’s how my pets celebrate Christmas! Let me know in the comments if you have pets, and how you spoil them at Christmas time!