DIY Lush-Inspired Sugar Lip Scrub

Fotor0906220935Lately I’ve really been looking for a good and affordable lip scrub. But I quickly discovered how quick and easy it is to make one yourself, so I thought I’d share this DIY with you guys! It’s super quick, and you’re almost 100% guaranteed to have all of these ingredients in your house!

DIY Lush Sugar Lip ScrubYou will need:

A small bowl or container to mix in

Olive Oil



Vanilla Essence (Optional)

DSCN2179Start out by covering the bottom of your container or bowl with the olive oil, then obviously the sugar is the exfoliant, so you’ll need to add this next. The honey next, as that just helps all of the ingredients sticking together. Finally the vanilla essence, or any other flavouring of your choice.

You should mix everything together until it is all stuck together, you’ll know you’re done mixing when the scrub is easily transferable in its entirety to another container.

And it’s as simple as that! I think the best thing about this lip scrub is that you can choose to make as much as you want, and for it to taste like whatever you want!

After applying to your lips, I’d recommend using a chapstick or lip butter.

DSCN2186 (2)

And you’re all done! You can thank me for your cushiony soft lips whenever, it’s cool. Let me know if you’d like to see more DIY’s!