My Top Photography Apps

Getting into blogging really piqued my interest in creating and editing images, and making them exactly what I wanted them to be. So today, as it is quite a requested topic, I thought I’d share with you guys some of my favourite apps and techniques to editing pictures!top photography apps

 VSCO Cam | I love the filter F1 from VSCO Cam because it amps up the fade of an image, making it almost immediately look more professional in my eyes. It also lightens the image, which I also think makes the image more appealing, and in keeping with my Instagram theme.

Long Exposure | This app is amazing. I have loved it since downloading it, roughly a year ago. If you love those long exposure images of lights, or just general moving images, but you don’t have access to an expensive camera with the capable settings, this is the perfect app for creating identical images.

Aviary | This app is a perfect all-rounder for when it comes to editing. From a pinpoint focus effect, frames, to illuminating an image, or making it high def. If you’re just getting started out with photography on your phone, or just want to add an extra dimension to your images, this app is a perfect all in one for anything you might want to do. 

Aillis | This app is designed for fun. From cute frames and filters to add to your pictures, one of the biggest selling points of this app to me, was the adorable stickers. If you’ve got quite a cute or simple image, these stickers really add something to it. Not to mention you can make your own!

PS Express | This app obviously has a lot of factors to it. It’s like a slightly more advanced Aviary. It is capable of any type of editing you’d like to do, and with loads of extras. The app itself is free, but does have further in-app purchases in order to use every function. I like to use this app for brightening and again, increasing the fade of an image.

top photography apps

That’s it for the apps that I like to use when it comes to editing my pictures, I hope you guys found that little insight useful! Let me know in the comments what your favourite apps are for editing!