Born Pretty Store

Hey guys! Today I get to talk to you about a store that I have been obsessed with ever since I first discovered them. The store is called ‘Born Pretty‘, and they really do live up to their name. From hair accessories, to jewellery, Born Pretty do just about anything and everything you could ever want accessories-wise!backgrounder (5).pngYou know the type of site that you initially stumble across, and then 2 hours later you’re 19 tabs-deep and you’ve bookmarked almost everything on the sale page? Well that’s exactly what shopping with Born Pretty is like. Every item is so unique and, well, pretty, that you won’t be able to resist adding just a few more thing to your basket.

Born Pretty were kind enough to offer me some products to review, so without rambling any further, let’s get right into talking about what they sent me!Born Pretty Store (1)Pearl Cat Ears | Is there a more fitting hair accessory to send to Corinne? I think not. I really like this headband (yes, because it has cat ears on it) but also because I actually didn’t have a pair with pearl-detailing, so these are quite unique, and not your average cat-ear headband. I also found that the headband itself was much bigger than most headbands, so you can wear it for longer than 5 minutes without enduring a severe headache.Born Pretty Store (3)Born Pretty Store (4)Flower Crown | Now I know we’re still a little while off of Spring, so I’m not going to be rocking this any time soon, but trust me, when Spring and Summer roll around, I’m going to be showing this bad boy off. I prefer this flower crown to most because it’s quite a reserved and classic style, with only small white roses sprinkled through it, and little bits of fake-frost. I also really like that the crown itself is a wire, so it can be shaped and moulded to fit anyone!Born Pretty Store (5)Rhinestone Ring | Now as we know, when it comes to discount jewellery, rings can really be a hit-or-miss. But this ring not only looks really gorgeous, but it feels nice too. I prefer my jewellery to be small and dainty, so this ring is perfect for me, as it’s really tiny and not over the top.Born Pretty Store (6)Born Pretty Store (7)Cat Necklace | Another item that is all too perfectly suited for me. Again, this piece is quite small and dainty, so it’s not in your face and too overboard to actually wear. The chain is a lot longer than I expected, and it’s a real yellowy-gold colour, but it doesn’t look tacky at all.

Overall, I am really impressed with every aspect that I’ve encountered with Born Pretty. From the quality of the products themselves, to the shipping (which is free!) especially as the company told me to expect my items in 4 to 5 weeks, and they actually arrived in just under 2 weeks!

A massive thank you to Born Pretty for these products, they are all absolutely gorgeous, and I’m going to get a lot of wear out of all of these items! Don’t forget that if you like any of these items, or if you stumble across something else on the site that you like, you can use my code EWST10 to get 10% off of anything that is not already reduced! And finally don’t forget that there is free shipping worldwide, and items are shipped within 24 hours!

*These items were very kindly gifted to me from Born Pretty.