Valentine’s Day: Lush “Lot’s Of Love” Gift Set

It’s Valentine’s Day in 4 days now, so today I’m showing you guys one of the best Valentine’s Day ultimate hacks; A Lush gift set! It’s perfect if your other half is obsessed with Lush, and it’s perfect if you really don’t know what to get them!IMG_1038In the “Lot’s Of Love” gift set, you get 6 of some of the cutest love-themed products that Lush have to offer, and I’m going to talk you through them all, alongside one bonus product!IMG_1053

Tisty Tosty | This bath bomb is based on a medieval love potion. It contains seven real rosebuds and has a gorgeous scent of geranium, jasmine and rose, said to be toning and balancing, and floral and seductive. It also makes for a really pretty and relaxing bath.

Oral Pleasure | Now this product is not included in the “Lot’s Of Love” gift set, but fortunately this was gifted to me, and I had never heard of it before so I thought I’d share it with you guys! In this pot you have ‘toothy tabs’, which can be used as a toothpaste substitute. I know it seems confusing, but when used properly it is like their shampoo bars, that foams up incredibly. All you have to do is chew this tablet and then start brushing your teeth! It creates a white foam, so don’t let the colour (or name!) put you off!IMG_1055Rose Jam | One of my favourite products from Lush, a bubbleroon! This products smells so relaxing, and the fact that it also contains rose oil means that it’s balancing, softening and moisturising for the skin. I also really love that it can be used more than once as you can break it in half. That’s twice the amount of relaxation, in one product!

A French Kiss | I had always been drawn to this bubble bar every time I’ve been in Lush, but I’ve never actually picked it up, so I was so excited when I saw that it was included in this gift set! It smells so lovely, and I really love the way Lush describes it, “Crumble under running water for a paradisaical bath full of the lavender and rosemary scents of Southern France.” Definitely one of the most romantic products, perfect for this time of year!IMG_1058Lover Lamp | Do you want a romantic bath that smells like chocolate orange, moisturises your skin with the most delicate cocoa butter, and leaves tiny red hearts floating a top a billion bubbles? Look no further; this is the bath bomb for you. It’s perfect for a girly night in, or first thing in the morning to keep your skin super soft and smelling gorgeous all day long.

Unicorn Horn | I don’t really need to go in to much detail with this product do I? We’ve all seen it, heard of it or tried it. This bath bomb has been proven to increase serotonin levels (they make you feel happy and cheery!), and it’s just super cute. And if Lush opens their description for this product with “Unicorns are probably real. But, even if they’re not (don’t worry they definitely are) you won’t mind!” you know this bubble bar is a must buy.

Sex Bomb | This bath bomb is geared towards soothing your worries, and relieving anxiety. It’s main ingredient is Jasmine, which obviously is super relaxing, but it also said to be an ancient aphrodisiac, so again, it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day!

That’s it for the “Lot’s Of Love” gift set from Lush, perfect for if you still haven’t quite figured out what you want to give to that special someone this Sunday!

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What is your favourite love-themed product from Lush?

Interior Snippets

Lately I’ve been very aware of how much I’ve grown to love interior design, and have been spending more and more time in the home ware section of any shop. I think the places that you can get inspiration from for your home are endless, so today I thought I would take share some of the little details of my room.

This is a little charm that my friend gave me for my birthday, I chose to hang it on the tie back of my curtain. Here it stands out and makes the tiebacks more interesting and personal. It fits in with my modern room with vintage flare really well.


This is my bedside table, I keep it very simple and uncluttered, just some tea tree oil – amazing for healing and getting rid of spots! Some chap-stick, a tiny photo frame (for tiny people) with matching tiny cat ornament, a hand sanitiser and this crystal jewellery box, where I keep my most worn jewellery. And of course candles because of dat #bloggerlife.


Here’s a little close up of the inside of my jewellery box, most of my jewellery is very pink, silver and pearl based.IMAG2726

And finally my easel, since I mostly sketch small pieces, I don’t usually use this for painting or many arty things, so instead I use it to display this frame that my friends gave me for my 17th birthday, featuring all of them (along with an MJ print that my mum got me for Christmas). This is such a prized possession of mine, and I think it’s a really thoughtful, personal gift, and the wooden frame perfectly matches the wood of the easel so it ties in perfectly without looking out of place, or like it’s only there until I find a better position.

Those are just some of the little details of my room, was your room inspired by something in particular, or do you just mix and match everything? Let me know in the comments below!