How To Style: A Kimono

As if I haven’t already said it enough, summer is here people! And for me, few things are better during summer than having cute outfits planned, so you save time contemplating what to wear, and more enjoying yourself in the sun! So today I’m sharing with you guys 3 ways to style a summer staple: a kimono.

My kimono is a short casual one, from New Look for £19.99

Style 1: With Shorts

This look is effortless, styled and casual. I would say this is best suited for a hot day, where you plan to be out and about. The shorts will keep you cool, and the kimono will protect your shoulders from getting burnt, and keep you covered in the shade.

I also styled this look with a side Dutch braid because I think it dressed it up a little bit, and added an extra element to the look. DSCN1093DSCN1081 (2)

Style 2: Dressed Up

This style is slightly more dressed up, because I paired it with a pencil skirt. This look is great for an evening outdoor summer party, or something to wear at the office if you’re working on a really summery day. Again, you’ll stay cool and office appropriate, while also rocking a little summer inspired look.DSCN1156 (2) DSCN1184

Style 3: Jeans Casual

And finally, you can pair it with jeans. I have worn this look while shopping during the day, and found that it is too hot, so instead I’d now wear this outfit to an evening BBQ or similar event, because that way the heat of the day will have dissipated and you can feel comfortable and look cute. I also added my necklace, because I feel like a tiny piece of jewellery can be shown off with simpler outfits.

I just tied my hair back into a messy high ponytail, because I feel like this outfit is a relaxed casual one, so you don’t need a complicated hairstyle. dscn1309DSCN1334 DSCN1361

There are 3 different ways I would style a kimono! Have you got any other kimono inspired outfit ideas? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to play around more with them!

Spring Must-Haves: Powder

Founded in 2009, and winning Fashion Accessory of the Year in 2013, there is no stopping the force that is Powder. They recently contacted me to ask me to select some of their spring products and create some outfits and a wish list, and I very eagerly accepted, for a multitude of reasons; their products are all very unique and suit my vintage-inspired style, and they sell everything at an affordable price! Their website is also just my style, and very easy to navigate, you could spend ages browsing through their designs.

So without further ado, here are 3 of their pieces that I have created into 3 styles!


Casual-Chic | Here I have paired the Lola infinity scarf with my New look “Weekends I Love You” t-shirt, my New look black ripped jeans and my plain tan heels. This is a simple look, but remains stylish, and the colours all compliment each other nicely, nothing is too distracting, so it’s quite a classic look. And as the scarf is an infinity one, you don’t need to worry about how is best to wear it with this look, just slip it on and you’re good to go!


Cute & Girly | Here I have paired the Long Lace Top Socks with one of my floral playsuits. This look is so easy to pull off, takes no time to put together and it’s perfectly girly. The florals and plain ballet flats are perfect for spring, and these socks are not only adorable, but perfect for spring-time when the weather isn’t quite suitable for bare legs.

These socks are not yet available, so do excuse the missing toes as full pictures were not possible.

OUTFIT3Vintage Inspired | Here I’ve created a very vintage-inspired outfit, featuring the Collette scarf. Again, this look is very classic, as I have said before, a black skater skirt is an absolute staple if you like to wear dresses and skirts. Pairing it with a peachy-coloured top, plain black heels, and I chose to add pearls, and instantly you’ve got a gorgeous vintage style. This scarf kind of reminds me of a ballerina, because of it’s light colour and white floral detailing, so I think it’s perfect to wear with a very classic look.

So those are the pieces on my Spring wishlist from Powder, have yourself a little browse and let me know what you’d add to your wishlist and how you would style it!

How To Style: Black Skater Skirt

HTSFor me, there is one staple that anyone that likes to wear dresses or skirts should have; and that’s a black skater skirt.

Every time I went into a shop, I’d be scouring the rails looking for the perfect versatile skirt that I could wear with anything. I had many skirts and dresses already, but they all had other pieces that they went well with, and not much else. And then I found it. A black skater skirt. Now it is my number one recommendation to anyone, it’s great if you love skirts and would love another, and it’s great if you’re not sure whether or not you could match it with other items in your wardrobe, because it goes with just about anything.

So today I though I’d share with you guys 4 different ways that I would style a black skater skirt.


1. with a crop top – you can pair any colour crop top you like and a pair of flats. This outfit is best suited for the warmer weather of the summer because otherwise you are gonna freeze. Put a cardigan over it, and it could also be a nice outfit for an evening meal.

White Short Sleeved Crop Top, New Look £6.99

Black Flats, F&F £6


2. with a smart tucked in shirt – I would put black tights and heels with this outfit, and it’d be perfect for going out if you don’t want to commit to anything too sparkly.

Utility Blouse, F&F £14

Black Lace Up Heels, New Look £25


3 . with a collared shirt and jumper – this outfit it quite office/uniform inspired and suitable if you have wardrobe requirements that you have to stick to.

White Collared Sleeveless Top, New Look £10

Purple jumper, Papaya £14


4. with a patterned long sleeved top – this outfit it cute and flirty and it doesn’t look too overboard if you’re pairing the skirt with a pattern or stripes, because the black keeps it classic.

Striped Long Sleeve Top, F&F £9

There are just some of the ways I like to style my black skater skirt. Do you have any other ways that you would style this skirt? Share them in the comments below!