How To Style: A Kimono

As if I haven’t already said it enough, summer is here people! And for me, few things are better during summer than having cute outfits planned, so you save time contemplating what to wear, and more enjoying yourself in the sun! So today I’m sharing with you guys 3 ways to style a summer staple: a kimono.

My kimono is a short casual one, from New Look for £19.99

Style 1: With Shorts

This look is effortless, styled and casual. I would say this is best suited for a hot day, where you plan to be out and about. The shorts will keep you cool, and the kimono will protect your shoulders from getting burnt, and keep you covered in the shade.

I also styled this look with a side Dutch braid because I think it dressed it up a little bit, and added an extra element to the look. DSCN1093DSCN1081 (2)

Style 2: Dressed Up

This style is slightly more dressed up, because I paired it with a pencil skirt. This look is great for an evening outdoor summer party, or something to wear at the office if you’re working on a really summery day. Again, you’ll stay cool and office appropriate, while also rocking a little summer inspired look.DSCN1156 (2) DSCN1184

Style 3: Jeans Casual

And finally, you can pair it with jeans. I have worn this look while shopping during the day, and found that it is too hot, so instead I’d now wear this outfit to an evening BBQ or similar event, because that way the heat of the day will have dissipated and you can feel comfortable and look cute. I also added my necklace, because I feel like a tiny piece of jewellery can be shown off with simpler outfits.

I just tied my hair back into a messy high ponytail, because I feel like this outfit is a relaxed casual one, so you don’t need a complicated hairstyle. dscn1309DSCN1334 DSCN1361

There are 3 different ways I would style a kimono! Have you got any other kimono inspired outfit ideas? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to play around more with them!