My Lipstick Collection

Hey guys! Since sharing my Eyeshadow Palette Collection, my Nail Varnish Collection, and an exclusively Makeup Revolution Collection, I realised that it’s quite fun talking about my collections, and therefore I decided to share another one, my lipsticks. So with further introduction, here’s my lipstick collection!

Below I’ve showcased each lipstick, and then detailed their names in order (from left to right) as shown on the swatches underneath.IMG_8155MAC Viva Glam Ariana Grande

Makeup Revolution Lip Lacquer in ‘Vamp’

Collection in 13

YSL in 68

Rimmel Kate Moss in 107

Makeup Revolution in ‘Twist’

Makeup Revolution in ‘Enchant’IMG_8157IMG_8161Avon ‘Frozen Rose’

Makeup Revolution in ‘The One’

MAC ‘Please Me’

Rimmel ‘Naughty Nude’

Chanel in 432

Lancome L’absolu Rouge in ‘Rose Nu’IMG_8163IMG_8169Lush ‘Strong’

Makeup Revolution in ‘Luscious’

Makeup Revolution in ‘Dare’

Rimmel Moisture Renew ‘As You Want Victoria’

Makeup Revolution in ‘Beloved’

Makeup Revolution Velvet Lacquer in ‘What I Believe’

Rimmel Rich Moisture ‘Diva Red’IMG_8167

That’s it for my lipstick collection, I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what your favourite shade is in the comments below!

What Makes A Good Makeup Brush?

Most of you reading this like to wear makeup, and it may come as no surprise to you to learn that I too, like wearing makeup. But you can feel disheartened if even after endless hours of scrolling through blogs, and watching countless hours of YouTube videos, that your makeup still isn’t looking the way that you want it to.

Of course this can be down to the products that you are using, if they are not the same, or at least very good dupes for the products that the tutorial requires, then the final outcome can look quite different. It can even be down to pure practice, no one comes out of the womb knowing how to perfectly blend eyeshadow, or with the stability to conquer a winged eye.

But if you’ve been practising for a long time, and you have invested in high quality products, but your makeup is still not looking the exact way you want it to, the problem can be as simple as changing your makeup brushes. So today I’m talking you through some tips to help you choose better makeup brushes, in order to achieve perfect makeup looks!IMG_7833You Get What You Pay For | Like most makeup products, makeup brushes are no exception to the fact that you get what you pay for. If you’re just starting out with makeup, then it is completely understandable that you might not want to invest in 3 makeup brushes for £20. But if you’re more invested in wearing makeup, then even with applying higher end makeup with cheaper brushes, you aren’t going to get as high a quality with your blending and application.

Density | A good makeup brush is dense. If you can, when buying brushes that you haven’t tried before, try feeling whether the bristles are tightly packed, or if there are only a few of them. If the brush is dense, the product will sit on top of it, and apply easily to your face, meaning you require less product. Whereas with loose brushes, when you swirl the brush in the product, a lot of the product will be lost in between the bristles, and fall into the brush, meaning you use more product to actually get it onto your face.

Fallout | If, as I mentioned in the point above, you are able to feel the brushes before you buy them, try lightly pulling at the bristles. If any of the bristles fall away from the brush itself in your hands, then it is not a brush worth your time.

Fame | If a particular company are well known for making makeup brushes, then you can be pretty sure that their brushes are going to be of a high quality. However if you’re trying out new makeup brushes from a company that are well known for making lipsticks, you might have to expect, not getting a high quality brush.

Those are my top tips for choosing new makeup brushes, I hope they helped you out! Be sure to let me know in the comments below if you’ve had any bad experiences with a particular brand, or if a brand has surprised you with incredibly affordable brushes!

Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys! As Ariana Grande’s latest album, Dangerous Woman, was released today, I thought it’d be fun to recreate the makeup look that she wore in the Dangerous Woman music video.

It’s actually a surprisingly easy look to do yourself, as it’s a mix of nicely blended brown shades on the lid, light contouring, and a pink/brown toned nude lip.

Products used:

Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave Eyeshadow Palette
Rimmel Brow This Way Brow Gel
Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
Fleur De Force False Lashes ‘Fleur Loves’
MAC Lipliner in ‘Edge To Edge’
Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl Eyeliner
Makeup Revolution ‘Golden Sugar’ Blush & Contour Palette

Here’s the tutorial! Hope you guys enjoy it!

Urban Decay’s Alice Through The Looking Glass Event

Recently myself and a friend were invited to attend Urban Decay’s Alice Through The Looking Glass tea party, and makeup master class, so I thought I’d bring you guys along, and let you know how it went!

When we arrived, we saw that the usual Urban Decay counter was decorated aptly, in a tea party, Alice in Wonderland theme. There was fake moss, cake stands (with cakes of course, Urban Decay knows the ways to our hearts!) along with their limited edition makeup items displayed in cute tea cups and tree stumps. IMG_2334There was also a makeup tutorial that featured most of the products. The makeup artist talked us through a half ‘natural’ daytime look, and half ‘edgy’ night-time look.

The daytime look featured the ‘Alice‘ shades from the limited edition palette, with their new ‘Beached‘ bronzer, and the lipstick in the shade ‘Alice‘ from the limited edition lipsticks in tribute to the film.

The night-time look featured a mix of some of the ‘Iracebeth‘ and ‘Time‘ shades, to create a really deep and smoky eye, along with the lipstick in the shade ‘Time‘ on the lips.IMG_2324I personally really loved the formula of the lipsticks, like most Urban Decay lipsticks, they are creamy and feel lovely on the lips, and I was actually really tempted by the colour ‘Mirana‘, but I stopped myself from buying it because I realised that the reason I loved it so much was that it reminded me of MAC’s Ariana Grande Viva Glam lipstick, (it’s matte too!), which I already own.

The other lipsticks really are quite unique and pretty, ‘Alice‘ is a beautifully shimmery pale nude, ‘Mad Hatter‘ is a heavenly pigmented shimmery purple, ‘Time‘ is an unusual and metallic-looking blue, and ‘Iracebeth‘ is a pinky-red matte fused shade.

Unfortunately all of the lipsticks are now sold out, and I don’t know if they are going to be restocked or if that’s it because they are limited edition, but you can keep an eye on them on Urban Decay’s site.IMG_2328I knew as soon as I was invited to this event that I wanted the eyeshadow palette. There was no doubt in my mind that even before I had seen it in the flesh, that I wanted it. When we first got to see it though, I was sold, purely by the shades ‘Gone Mad’, ‘Paradox’ and ‘Dream On’. I’ve really been loving orange eyeshadow shades lately, as they really compliment my eyes and skin tone, and the rest of the palette is just so unique, and insanely pigmented.

I won’t go too into detail on the palette because I do have a separate post going up after this one, so be sure to look out for that one!

That’s it for Urban Decay’s Alice Through The Looking Glass Event, I really enjoyed the event, and was so happy to be invited. I loved the makeup tips that we were taught, and I can’t wait to attend more makeup and blogger events.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know if you’ve got any of the lipsticks, or if like me, you couldn’t wait to get the palette!

Quick & Easy Valentine’s Makeup Look

Dudes, before you overlook this post thinking to yourself, “Corinne, I really don’t need to watch another video with far too many steps to be practical, with far too many products for anyone to necessarily own”, this post is different.

Yes it’s a Valentine’s Day inspired post, but it actually is really quick, easy, and there’s no red lip in sight.backgrounderI know most Valentine’s Day makeup tutorials talk about different shades of red to perfectly suit every skin colour, but the truth is that some people just don’t want to wear a red lipstick, so this look is a simple but romantic ‘loved-up’ look.All I’ve used to create this look is 6 products (and one tool, but I’m not counting that) and it takes roughly 10 minutes to be fully done.IMG_1255

Start out by prepping your skin with moisturiser, then complete your usual foundation regime. I’ve then lightly contoured with the Estée Lauder “All Over Face Compact” and highlighted with Makeup Revolution’s “Blush” Palette.

Then fill in your eyebrows and apply ‘Mink’ from Soap & Glory’s “The Perfect 10” palette all over your eyelid, then apply a little bit of ‘Nudecomer’ to define the crease of your eye, and finally a little bit of ‘Moon Mist’ to the very inner corners of your eyes.

Once you’ve finished your eyeshadow, draw a thin cat eye with eyeliner, and apply some glue to some light and fluttery lashes. I am in love with this set from Fleur De Force by Eyelure because they are actually only 3/4 of the usual size of eyelashes, so they focus on the outside of your eyes, making your eyes look super big, and your lashes natural and fluttery!

Once the glue has almost dried and become tacky, curl your lashes, and then apply the falsies, and fill in any gaps with your eyeliner. The final step is to apply Bourjois’ “Rouge Edition Velvet” in the colour ‘Nude-ist’.

And you’re done! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and like this look, I really wanted to give you a different option to a bold red lip for Valentine’s. Let me know if you’re going to be wearing a similar look for Valentine’s Day!

What are you getting up to this Valentine’s Day?

BLOGMAS Day 17 // Festive Makeup Look

Hey guys! Can you believe that today is exactly a week until Christmas eve?!

So today I thought I’d show you guys one of my favourite makeup looks for the festive season, with a little video!

I really love seeing everyone’s favourite festive looks, so that’s why I shared mine with you today, I hope you enjoyed it!

Drop me a little comment on the video if you did enjoy it, and let me know what kinds of videos you’d like to see from me in the coming year!

What are your go-to products/looks when it comes to the party season?

The Best Eyeliner Available?

Hey guys, today I thought I’d talk to you about arguably one of my favourite products of all time, Collection’s Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner.

I’ve been completely obsessed with this product since I first tried it out 4 months ago.backgrounderWe’ve all been there, you’re out and about, and catch a glimpse of your reflection in a shiny surface. And you’re greeted by your makeup looking anything but “on fleek”. On a particularly rainy day in July I had one of these moments. I had been caught by the rain, and my eyeliner had faded and my wings had smudged; it was not a pretty sight. And of course this happened on one of the rare days I had ventured out without my makeup bag to hand.

So in an attempt to quickly rectify the situation, I wandered into Boots looking for a cheap eyeliner that I could use to touch up my makeup for the day. I only wanted something cheap so that I didn’t feel bad if it wasn’t outstanding, and I never used it again.

So of course I went to the Collection stand, and saw this felt tip eyeliner there, for only £2.99, so I didn’t hesitate with buying it. I quickly ran into the toilets and touched up my eyeliner, and didn’t think about it again for the rest of the day.IMG_0414But then day after day, I found myself packing away my existing eyeliners, and reaching for this one more and more. I now cannot imagine trying anything else.

This eyeliner is slim and sleek, so it feels really nice to use, as it’s not bulky and difficult to manoeuvre. The pen itself is nicely sized, and not thick, so it’s very easy to do a very thin, sleek cat eye, or you can build up a much thicker line, there’s no need to slim the line out because the pen is too thick. It’s also a pointed tip, which I feel is so important for eyeliner, because a slanted tip can make application difficult and messy.

This eyeliner also lasts so much longer than any eyeliner I have ever tried. In fact, I’m still using the original one that caused me to fall in love! Finally, there’s the price, for the quality and durability of this product, I can’t believe that it’s one of the cheapest felt liners on the market.

In fact, I once tested this eyeliner against the YSL felt liner, and the YSL one faded and came off completely when I went swimming, but the Collection one stayed put and exactly as I’d applied it, until I removed it with makeup remover!

Talking like this feels like I’m recounting my first love, I just really can’t believe my luck with absent-mindedly picking up this liner, absolutely loving it, and all of these incredible pros that come along with it. I honestly haven’t found something I don’t like about it yet.

That’s it for this post! I hope you guys enjoyed it, do you have a holy grail makeup item? Let me know in the comments! See me talk more about my Makeup Bag Staples HERE.

Travel Essentials

Hey guys! As I’m travelling a lot recently, and I feel like I’ve gotten my ‘Travel Essentials’ down to quite a fine art, I thought I’d share them with you today!1Headphones | Definitely an essential for just about anyone, on any journey/trip. I like to take my overhead headphones with me, because they tend to not hurt my ears like in-ears can over an extended period of time.

Compact Mirror | This particular item really links to my makeup bag in particular, as sometimes it’s easier to touch up your makeup on the go, or somewhere where a larger mirror is not available. I recommend a compact because it’ll leave more room in your bag for more important items.

Perfume | This is more of an essential for me in particular, because I obviously like to take deodorant with me, but I like to have this little extra touch once I’ve gotten ready in the morning.

2Makeup Bag Essentials

Eyelash Curler | Again, this might only be an essential for some people, but I like to have curled my lashes before applying mascara to them, as I find it helps them remain curled all day.

Eyeliner | This is just an everyday makeup essential for me, as I love any look that has winged liner. I couldn’t go anywhere without my trusty Collection Extreme Felt Liner.

Mascara | I think if you’re going for bare essentials when it comes to makeup, mascara is the way to go. This particular mascara is excellent for wearing while you’re travelling too, because it doesn’t fade or transfer throughout the day, even if you have a sneaky nap!

Eyebrow Pencil | I never saw this coming, but if one particular day I wasn’t able to fill in my eyebrows, I now wouldn’t wear any makeup at all, as I find it really completes my look.

Eyeshadow Pencil | I think that this is a really handy little trick if you plan on going out while you’re away. Instead of taking an entire palette, or even a compact trio, with the right brushes too, you’ll save yourself so much space (and the worry of your shadows cracking and crumbling by being bashed around while you’re travelling!) by instead taking a handy little eyeshadow pencil. Just apply this to your lids, and you can blend it with your finger.3Lipbalm | Again, an everyday essential, but I find this is really handy when you’re travelling, and when you’re in a new place, because the change in environment can be harsh on your skin, and cause it to dry out.

Micellar Water | Now that micellar water is also available in handy travel sized bottles, there is absolutely no excuses for shoving a pack of makeup remover wipes in your bag. Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you have to abandon properly looking after your skin.

Charger | Absolute essential, no brainer. Phone, camera tablet, laptop, whatever tech you’re taking, ensure you have the right charger for it before you leave the house.

Purse | Again, no brainer. If you have a larger purse like I do, you can also keep essential travel documents in it, so they are always safe and to hand.4Cotton Wool Pads | These really coincide with the micellar water.

Deodorant | Yet another no brainer, even if you are staying in a 5 star hotel, everyone takes deodorant with them when they’re travelling.

Moisturiser | I think this is an essential in relation to my point earlier, you can never be entirely sure with how you skin is going to react to being in a different environment.

Brush | Similarly, you can never be sure with how your hair is going to behave in a new place. (Humidity problems, anyone?) So I’d recommend taking a smoothing brush with you, so even if you throw your hair up in a messy bun or ponytail, it can still be sleek.

That’s it for my Travel Essentials post, I hope it helps you guys out if you’re going on a road trip any time soon! Let me know in comments if you are off anywhere exciting soon, and what essentials you’ll be taking with you!

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

We’ve all been there, hearing about how often you should clean your brushes, how often everyone else is doing it, how long is too long to wait, and how often is over-washing. It’s a difficult game, that’s for sure.

But I am here today to take you through my makeup brush cleaning routine. It might be right for you, or you might prefer to do things differently, this post is just to show you how I do it and give you some tips and tricks!ertyhbFrequency | I know it sounds like a lot of unnecessary work, but I wash each of my eyeshadow brushes after every/every second use, and my other face brushes after every 3-4 uses. I know this seems too often to be washing them for some people, but I firmly believe that if you leave your brushes any longer, bacteria can spread and you’ll just be spreading it onto your face. Bacteria that can cause breakouts and just generally badly affect your skin. I personally like to wash my eyeshadow/blending brushes after every use so that with each use I’m getting a true representation of the eyeshadow colour I’m applying, and not a mix of that one with one I used for a previous look.

Tools | For washing my brushes, I don’t buy a fancy or expensive specific brush cleaner, I actually use Imperial Leather Moisturising Face & Hand Wash. I know this seems unconventional, but I know it’s killing the bacteria on my brushes, while not being abrasive and drying them out. Plus I know that this product works well with my skin, so my skin won’t react badly when I use the brushes after washing them.

Technique | The technique that works best for me and my brushes, is to swirl the brush in warm water with a few drops of the Imperial Leather wash in it. (I also like to wash brushes with lighter shades on them first, and darker shades last, as it darkens the water!) I will then swipe the brush on a dry towel and turn it upside down, so the brush is facing towards the floor, and rub the handle between my hands, doing this before leaving your brushes to dry fans out the bristles, and ensures that they fully dry all of the way through, and remain soft when they are dry. Then I place them on the towel and leave them to completely air-dry.

And that’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and you’ve taken some tips to use for yourself the next time you wash your brushes. If you’ve got any additional tips please feel free to drop them in the comments below, as I’m always looking for ways to better my entire makeup routine!

Victoria Secret-Inspired Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys! As it’s Halloween tomorrow, I thought it would be only fitting to squeeze one last Halloween themed makeup post in!

So I went for a look that I have been wanting to do for a long time now, a Victoria Secret Angel-inspired makeup look.Fotor0103019358Check out my video below to see how I achieved this look!

And that’s it for my Halloween themed posts for this year! I hope you guys enjoyed this series, let me know if you did in the comments, and if you’d like more themed series’ in the future. (For example, Blogmas anyone?)