Damaged Hair Tips

Hey guys! As some of you may know, over the past few months, I’ve dyed my hair ombre, then pink, then ombre again, and finally back to dark brown. Obviously this excessive amount of bleaching meant that the ends of my hair were pretty fried, so I had to alter my haircare routine to help revive it.

So today I’m sharing my tips on how to combat and assist damaged hair.

Trims | I know, it’s something of a taboo to mention nowadays, but honestly, after you’ve bleached your hair, I think it’s so beneficial to cut the ends off. It helps seal the ends of your hair, especially if they are split and particularly fried. I also think that it keeps your style fresh and feeling super-soft.

Washing | After the second time bleaching my hair in just over one month, I knew that I’d need to change my shampoo and conditioner from a colour protecting focus, to a duo that focussed on hydrating. I really recommend this John Frieda duo, because the formula of the conditioner is slightly thicker than most conditioners, so you really feel like it’s repairing your hair.DAMAGED HAIR TIPS 2Post-Washing | Another tip that we’ve all heard all too often in regards to improving the condition of our hair; stay away from heat. Now I have learnt that I can’t really let my hair air dry, as it turns all too frizzy, all too quickly. So now I make sure to use a cream heat protectant, and then leave it to air dry, but once its completely dry, I straighten it, as I find that the cream heat protectant, combined with heat, actually improves the shininess and sleekness of my hair.

Touch Ups | This is actually what inspired me to share this post, because I’ve only recently learnt about these products, and the condition of my hair has been drastically improved ever since. Touch up cremes and leave-in conditioners have been around for a long time now, but I never really understood how to use them. My favourites are John Frieda’s Perfect Finish polishing serum, which is an oil, and Secret Agent touch up creme, which is like a leave-in conditioner. I love both of these products because they are applied to dried hair. This means that even if you’ve washed, air dried and styled your hair, and it’s still looking dull and dry, these products bring shine and smoothness to your hair.

That’s it for my damaged hair tips, I hope these tips help you out if you’re struggling with the condition of your hair, if not, drop me a comment and I’ll try and help you out!

Ombré Hair Care Routine

As we all know, having ombré hair is very damaging, you are applying bleach, the most harmful chemical, directly onto the most delicate and easily damaged part of your hair. Without proper hair care, this style can cause nothing but split ends and brassiness. So here’s a little run through of the products that I use on my hair to keep it healthy and manageable.


So as I said, bleaching the ends of your hair will make them very dry and brittle, so you’ll need not only a good conditioner, but a great shampoo to prevent your hair from drying out any more. I use the Alberto Balsam shampoo and conditioner to ‘revitalise dry hair’, and I also have a Creighton’s blonde extra moisturising shampoo in case my hair is feeling dry and in need of a boost. Other products that I would recommend would be any violet based shampoo, as they balance out the colour of blonde hair to keep it from looking brassy.

IMAG2222 The next most important thing for ombré hair is to give it a treat every once in a while. This Oz Botanics Major Moisture deep conditioner is amazing. I would recommend using a deep treatment on your hair once every two weeks because if you use it too often, it’ll just weigh your hair down and leave if feeling greasy, if you don’t use it often enough the blonde ends will simply break off.

IMAG2226Finally, something I will always take very seriously is heat defence. If you’ve already bleached your air, and you continue on to style it with heat and you don’t protect it, you are doing it no favours, as it will just result in it breaking and frizzing. I use Argan Oil leave in spray before I blow dry and style my hair, and then once it’s dry, Vitapointe leave in conditioner to the ends of dry hair, This stuff is a miracle, just apply a tiny drop to the very ends of your hair and it leaves it sleek and shiny.

Those are all of the products I use for my hair! Do you have ombré hair? Are you thinking about having it done? Or would you recommend another product that is great for ombré? Let me know in the comments!