The Ultimate List Of Blogging Resources

If you run a blog, you can spend hours searching for the right website or plugin to help you with creating, increasing engagement and everything else that comes with running an online space.

So instead of spending all of that time looking through useless sites, I’ve done it for you and compiled this ultimate list of blogging resources!

I’ve alphabetised this list in order to make navigation easier for you, but if you want to find a specific tool quicker, just CRTL+F it!

IMG_2263Ad Management

 WP125 WP125 offers everything from a one or two column ad display, and includes support. You can also show as many ads as you want, and in any order. One of my favourite things about this particular plugin is that you can keep track of how many times an ad is clicked, and it runs ads for as long as you want, and removes them for you, on the end date.


Quill Engage This is a free tool that collects all of your Google Analytics data and emails you weekly summaries.


DWNLD For just £15 a month, you can transform your online content into a sleek app!

Colour Palettes

Adobe Colour This is perfect for creating any type of colour palette. They can be analogous, monochromatic, or customised, it’s even fun to just play and create your own palettes!

Comment System

Disqus I’m sure you would’ve come across this system on many blogs, it’s incredibly easy to sign up for, and it’s said to increase both traffic and engagement for your online content.

Competition Tool

Rafflecopter This tool is the only way I would ever run another giveaway. It takes minutes to input your terms and prize, and the rest of the work is done for you! I think this tool is an incredibly fair and fun way to run giveaways and competitions.


StayFocusd This plugin helps you stay focussed when you’re actually writing. It does this by limiting the amount of time you can spend on what you input as ‘time-wasting’ sites.


Da Font Search by style for the exact font that you want, and download for free.

Group Work

Basecamp We’ve all encountered annoying times when you’re working on a group project and no one is sure where they stand, or what’s being done. Basecamp takes away all of these issues, by not only featuring an interactive working space, but also a real-time chat, for you to voice any concerns and collaborate even easier.


HTML Dog This site offers beginner, intermediate and advanced tutorials on both HTML and CSS. There is also a handy reference guide for HTML tools.

Image Editor

PicMonkey An insanely easy to use photo editor, collage maker, and graphic design site. Perfect for everyone and it’s free!

Photoshop The most famous photo editing software, it’s very easy to navigate once you’ve got the hang of it, and you get a professional quality service. This site actually features thousands of free infographic templates which users can customise, and share their visual ideas online.


Uber Suggest Enter a few keywords, and have blog post ideas generated for you!

Day Of The Year Find worldwide events and special occasions to inspire blog posts!



Twitcam Perfect for livestreaming without the cost. Here you can  livestream and talk to your audience in the live chat at the same time.All livestreams are also archived and available after you’ve ended the stream.

Online Safety

Login LockDown This plugin allow you to limit the amount of login attempts allowed from any particular IP address during a space of time.The current default is a 1 hour lock out of an IP block after 3 failed login attempts within 5 minutes.

CheckShortURL If you’ve encountered a shortened URL and you’re not sure where it leads, this site lets you ‘peek’ at the site before you click on it.

Page Annotation

Bounce If you’d like to share a webpage with someone, but you’d also like to annotate or mention a specific section this website does exactly that. It even screenshots the entire loaded page, and not just what you initially see on the screen.

Screen Recorder

Screencast-O-Matic A free and easy to use screen recorder, with no download.


Buffer The perfect way to share a post multiple times, to various social media outlets, but with different introductions and images.

MailChimp A free system for sending an email to your entire list of contacts. You can set up automated campaigns, or design them from scratch each time.


WiseStamp Create your own unique email signature, with an automatic link to your latest blog post.

Skype Capture

Pamela for Skype This is one of the more secure and easy to use Skype recording software. You also have options of a free version, but you are limited to 15 minutes calls.

Stock Images

iStock With this site you can pay per photos, or buy a subscription, to have access to millions of free to use images.

Image.Net Another If you’re a member of the media, this site allows you access to free to use images and videos, with email updates when particular tags are updated.

Twitter Tool

Crowdfire This site is actually perfect for keeping on top of who you’re following, and who is or isn’t following you.

TweetDeck A super slick way to view and interact with Twitter. I particularly find it the perfect way to take part in Twitter chats, as you can tweet, reply and interact with so many people at once.

URL Shortener

Google The quickest way to shorten a URL, foolproof.

I hope you guys found some useful sites to use, be sure to let me know if you will start using one of these!

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Drop me a comment with what you’re after and I’ll find it for you!

How To Be Social Media Savvy

Fotor0914140618Nowadays, almost everyone you meet will have an online presence. Normally we overlook it, because it is so assumed and ordinary. But we can very often forget that while our social media accounts are for ourselves, and perhaps friends and family, but when you look into it, you’d be surprised by just how many people you don’t know can see what you post as well.

Especially when you run a blog, such as I do, you can find yourself torn between wanting to share every aspect of your life, and be completely unfiltered, but you still have to remain professional at the same time. So today I’ve complied some of my top tips for having fun on social media, and it still being primarily for you, but being savvy at the same time.

Avoid Negativity | Now obviously if you’re a blogger and you’re talking about a product, it’s always best to be honest, never lie to your readers and say you love something that you don’t. What I mean by avoid negativity is on a much more personal level. It is not professional or ever sensible to fight with someone online. It’s always better to vent to your friends or family, not online. You’ll feel better after talking to someone, and not just having a one sided conversation. Plus, you’re almost guaranteed to look back at your timeline and regret it.

Think It Through | Quite simply, when you are posting something, if you’re either wondering whether or not you should, or it’s something you’d rather not be seen by your grandmother, just don’t post it. It’s always better to stay entirely confident in what you’re posting, rather than having second thoughts either just before, or just after posting.DSCN2228Who Are You Representing? | If you are employed by a company, you’ve got to remember that you are representing them with what you post. Obviously your posts don’t have to have anything to do with your line of work, but be remember that your boss could at any time, see what you have posted. Your profile is still for you, and you have control over what you post, but refrain from posting about your ultimate lads night out the night before, and then the hangover when you’ve called in sick. Or about how much fun you’re having at on your road trip, again when you’ve called in sick.

Put In Your Hours | If you’re profile is public, and you’re posting throughout the day, if it’s a work day, it will become apparent to both your co-workers and your boss that you’re not necessarily giving your work 100% of your attention. Obviously this can go the other way with blogging, don’t oversaturate your followers. We all want people to see we’ve put a new post up, and we don’t want anyone to miss it. So it’s completely understandable to want to share it a few times throughout the day. But try to refrain from posting about it every 10 minutes, your followers will not want you to take over their timelines!

It’s Up To You | Remember that at the end of the day, your profile is yours. So if you don’t really want to be filtered or potentially embarrassed by anything you post, just make your accounts private. That way you know exactly who is looking at what you post.

Those are my tips on how to be a little bit more social media savvy, I hope you enjoyed them! Let me know if you’ve got any tips and tricks yourself in the comments!