How To Be Social Media Savvy

Fotor0914140618Nowadays, almost everyone you meet will have an online presence. Normally we overlook it, because it is so assumed and ordinary. But we can very often forget that while our social media accounts are for ourselves, and perhaps friends and family, but when you look into it, you’d be surprised by just how many people you don’t know can see what you post as well.

Especially when you run a blog, such as I do, you can find yourself torn between wanting to share every aspect of your life, and be completely unfiltered, but you still have to remain professional at the same time. So today I’ve complied some of my top tips for having fun on social media, and it still being primarily for you, but being savvy at the same time.

Avoid Negativity | Now obviously if you’re a blogger and you’re talking about a product, it’s always best to be honest, never lie to your readers and say you love something that you don’t. What I mean by avoid negativity is on a much more personal level. It is not professional or ever sensible to fight with someone online. It’s always better to vent to your friends or family, not online. You’ll feel better after talking to someone, and not just having a one sided conversation. Plus, you’re almost guaranteed to look back at your timeline and regret it.

Think It Through | Quite simply, when you are posting something, if you’re either wondering whether or not you should, or it’s something you’d rather not be seen by your grandmother, just don’t post it. It’s always better to stay entirely confident in what you’re posting, rather than having second thoughts either just before, or just after posting.DSCN2228Who Are You Representing? | If you are employed by a company, you’ve got to remember that you are representing them with what you post. Obviously your posts don’t have to have anything to do with your line of work, but be remember that your boss could at any time, see what you have posted. Your profile is still for you, and you have control over what you post, but refrain from posting about your ultimate lads night out the night before, and then the hangover when you’ve called in sick. Or about how much fun you’re having at on your road trip, again when you’ve called in sick.

Put In Your Hours | If you’re profile is public, and you’re posting throughout the day, if it’s a work day, it will become apparent to both your co-workers and your boss that you’re not necessarily giving your work 100% of your attention. Obviously this can go the other way with blogging, don’t oversaturate your followers. We all want people to see we’ve put a new post up, and we don’t want anyone to miss it. So it’s completely understandable to want to share it a few times throughout the day. But try to refrain from posting about it every 10 minutes, your followers will not want you to take over their timelines!

It’s Up To You | Remember that at the end of the day, your profile is yours. So if you don’t really want to be filtered or potentially embarrassed by anything you post, just make your accounts private. That way you know exactly who is looking at what you post.

Those are my tips on how to be a little bit more social media savvy, I hope you enjoyed them! Let me know if you’ve got any tips and tricks yourself in the comments!