BLOGMAS Day 10 // Winter Pampering Essentials

Hey guys! As the weather is so harshly changing, it’s cold, dark and a little bit dreary, I think that now is the perfect time for me to share my essentials for having a luxury Winter pamper night!Winter Pamper Essentials (1)So naturally, what is a pamper night without a bath? Insane. That’s what a pamper night without a bath is. I didn’t remember to take a picture of my bath, but I used Lush’s Magic Of Christmas bubble bar, as you can see I mentioned it in my Winter & Christmas Lush Haul. (And I would highly recommend it, as it provided a huge amount of bubbles, and left me smelling of cinnamon.)

So while you’re running your bath, this is when I remove my makeup and do a quick cleanse, so that while I’m in the bath my skin can breathe and fully appreciate the, yes you guessed it, face mask. I have really been loving cucumber face masks because it’s cooling and soothing, which is great at combating the harshness that your skin encounters with the cold outdoors and the central heating indoors.

Next it’s all about relaxing, enjoying the bath (perhaps with some Family Guy on my tablet, I’m not denying it.) Then using a body scrub, so that your skin can really be softened by the bath, leaving you feeling like a brand new person.Winter Pamper Essentials (2)Once you’re out of the bath, the next thing I like to do is moisturise. Lately I’ve been really loving the original Zoella Beauty scent, so the Creamy Madly Dreamy is my one of my favourite moisturisers to use once I’m out of the bath, for my body alongside Soap & Glory’s The Righteous Butter, and a little bit of Babylips to moisturise my lips.

After that, I use a hand cream, because this time of year can be quite drying on the hands, one that I really enjoy is Hand Food by Soap & Glory, because it’s not too heavy, so it dries relatively quickly, and it smells amazing. Then finally moisturising my face, with Nivea Sensitive, I’ve been gravitating towards the day cream more often lately, because the night cream can be too heavy and clog my pores.

I also really like to do my nails after a bath on a pamper night, but you can read all about that in detail on my Best Pamper Night Of All Damn Time post!

That’s it for my Winter Pamper Night Essentials, let me know how you pamper yourself at this time of year in the comments!




BLOGMAS Day 5 // Gift Sets With Soap & Glory

While the 3 for 2 sales are still on in Boots, I thought now is a great time to talk to you guys about the Christmas gift sets currently available from Soap & Glory!gift sets with Soap & Glory (1)To start things out, there’s this gorgeous box, ‘Bright & Bubbly’. It contains 4 travel-sized Soap & Glory famous-goodies! Not only are these products perfect for the winter time, as they are various body butters/scrubs and hand lotions, and a huge Soap & Glory body puff, but the box itself is so glam and cute, that it can be reused after Christmas for storing more products!

Soap & Glory have also released an adorable tree decoration, that contains their famous ‘The Righteous Butter’ body butter, in a handy bauble style! Again, this case is even perfect for hiding other treats in to hang on the tree!gift sets with Soap & Glory all things bright & bubblyThen there are the Soap & Glory crackers. I think this is one of the best ideas any company has thought up for the Christmas season. Enclosed in this case, are 6 full-sized Christmas crackers, with Soap & Glory packaging, containing 6 full-sized Soap & Glory pampering products! I love this gift set because it can either be a splurge for one person, or a great item to have at a party for up to 6 people who love pampering themselves!gift sets with Soap & Glory Christmas crackers

That’s it for this years gift sets from Soap & Glory! I think every single set is absolutely adorable, and would each make a really thoughtful and fun gift. Let me know if you’re hoping to get one of these, or if you already have!